Thursday, June 18, 2009

What You Might Find Down a Country Road

Driving down a country road. Should be the title to a country song, huh? Well, maybe not. You see, I have strived for a road like this, gravel on the sides and grass growing in the middle. Many people want the pavement, but me, I like this, well except when it rains or in the winter and you get mud with grass growing in the middle. Needless to say, we have been about 4 years getting this road to this point, and another part still does not have the grass in the middle and seems to have more mud puddles. Anyway, where does this lead you? It leads you here, and once you are here, you might find these things. You see, I like junk. Another person's trash is someone else's treasure. To me, these are good things. We have an old claw foot tub, actually about 4, numerous old doors and screen doors, old beds and sinks and even an old piece of farm equipment. This piece of farm equipment was actually here when we moved here and we just kept it. Here are some pictures of the garden, small to say the least. If you look closely you can see our scarecrow, which does look pretty scary right now, but really does not do the job. He is wearing an old baseball hat and an old dress shirt of my husbands. Pretty torn and tattered now.

Wow, just gave me the idea to get a closeup shot of him, ran all the way down there, yes ran (used to be my past time before I got pregnant, my form of physical exercise), to only turn the camera on, get ready to snap and the camera screen was flashing, no memory card. Oh crap, yes crap. I left it in the computer. Oh well, maybe another day I can just concentrate on Mr. Scarecrow and tell you how scary he is when the corn is high and the wind is blowing in the fall and rustling the leaves. Right out of a Children of the Corn movie. I did run all the way back, guess that is my exercise for the day.

The picture of the house was taken from the main road this morning. We are actually pretty far from it, and this is the only clearing we have in the summer that allows people to see us, and us to see them, the way we like it on the farm.
I have neglected to show you the garage inside, a little embarassed, because I have so much stuff stored in there for future use, hopefully when I get the time.

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  1. Love it - all of it!! But esp the old doors - would love to have a great find like that!


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