Thursday, June 11, 2009

Late Night Fishing on the Farm

Now, when I say we live on a farm, I do not mean an actual working farm. We do have dogs and cats galore, not actually going to say how many, but I do mean many. We call it a farm because it is a huge expanse of land and we are off to ourselves with no neighbors, and love it this way. We are considering getting some miniature horses this year or next but 1st we have to get a barn.

Last night my sister and her BFF did some late night fishing in 1 of our ponds. We have 2 but have been fishing this 1 more lately. You can catch crappie (not sure if the spelling is correct) and catfish all the time, and an occasional snapping turtle.

We had a blast, lots of craziness and line breaking. The baby enjoyed being out with all the nonsense going on. He was very excited. He kept trying to go to sleep but the frogs were way too loud for him.

Now, I do not fish. I find it very boring but I do like the company. The only thing we were missing last night was a bonfire and marshmallows to roast. We had the marshmallows but no fire. We had rain yesterday and the wood was wet.

I figure these pictures will be dark, but going to give it a try anyway.



P.S. No they did not catch enough to have a fish fry. We actually turn these all back into the pond and never eat them.

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