Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My, Are We Ready For This

Look who followed me everywhere this morning. He desperately wanted outside but it was just too cold. I did leave the main door open and the screen door there for him to look out. He would back that walker up, turn red in the face and grunt, lean forward and try his best to get out that door. Oh my, can we handle this.

Look who is coming back from the utility room. I did have to turn him around once he got in there so he could get back out. Actually, he did not want back out.
Look at me go Mom.

I have always wanted to see what was in here so I thought I would follow you.

This morning Aidan has really been moving that walker forward all through the house. He has pulled things off the tables so far, reach for things in the floor. Boy are we going to have to do some baby proofing around here, and fast.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Spontaneous Combustion and Migraines

To my wonderful, work-filled weekend, lovely fall weather and all, an all-day-rainy Saturday that soaked the ground and my feet while I trampled through a field filled with primitives and antiques, I added a migraine to the mix. Yes, a true, full-fledged migraine. I hate these things. I can feel them coming on, I just know when I am getting 1 and it makes it all the worse, anticipating its arrival. I do not try to stay away from triggers, but I should. But who can give up chocolate and Diet Pepsi. Not Me. Lucky for me I usually only gets these beasts around that also wonderful time of the month. It is not like I am suffering enough that I have to add 1 of these into the mix. Geesh. Well lucky for me, there is this little drug called Imitrex. I love it. This little pill is a wonder. I don't think I could live without it. It does give you a funny feeling while doing its jobs at opening up those blood vessels in your neck, making your arms and legs heavy and weak, making you think you are going to die. To all this I say, it is worth it to get rid of this beast of a headache.

And did you know, linseed oil is combustible. Well, I kind of figured that, but not as combustible as it is. It will spontaneously combust. Yep, catch fire all by itself, and we found this out the almost hard way. Darrell had been finishing a little table for me for the dining room. This morning he picked up a can of linseed oil at the local hardware for me. Just last night he was telling me about its spontaneous combustibility powers, and I thought, yeah, yeah, went on changing the baby's diaper, drinking my Diet Pepsi and doing algebra with Gage. Fast forward to this morning, he puts a coat on the table and leaves the house. Me in here just working away, he comes back just a few hours later, and I do mean few, and is holding that yellow rag he had with smoke rolling from it. Yep, spontaneous combustion in our garage in just a few hours. He just happened to come through the garage where he left this rag laying on his work bench, beside of hand cleaner, paint, propane torch, all the stuff needed for a good mess. He could not believe it happened this fast but it did. Lucky for us, we found it before we did not have our table or even our house. Word to the wise, linseed oil will spontaneous combust. Don't leave these rags in your house, put them in water, get rid of them.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Dances To Beyonce's Single Ladies

This is not my baby, but they should be very proud. I love, love, love this video. I think I just about peed my pants laughing at it. Check it out!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby's Got a Brand New Coat


See those 2 little teeth in there. The 2 little vampire teeth are through and on the top, and it looks as though the 2 big front teeth are going to break through any day now. Wow. Give this kid a steak.


I had been searching for Aidan a new winter coat, and Voila! Perfect. I got this at Mini Boden for around 35 dollars, and I got free shipping with a coupon I found online. Always search for coupons online before ordering. Sometimes you can come across codes for so much percentage off or free shipping, and it is worth the time and effort. I love this coat, and it is adorable on him. The sleeves are a little long right now, and Darrell says since when we stand him up in this coat and he shakes his arm, that it reminds him of the brother on the movie The Christmas Story all decked out in his snowsuit. Love that movie. Too funny! By the way I love Baby Boden stuff but it is a tad bit expensive, but if you check it out, the stuff is selling on EBay for near close to what it costs new, so you could always resell it.

Most of my shopping for Aidan has been done online. It is just easier with a baby these days. Scored some wonderful deals at Macy's with clearance stuff for next summer, and got some great deals on EBay from a wonderful lady who sells a lot of Gymboree clothing, and offers free shipping. Great deal! All of this at the luxury of my fingertips. I love the Internet. What did we do without it? Have you ever asked yourself that. I pay bills, bank, buy, surf and whatever else my little heart desires. Shopping is my big thing. Did I say I like to shop? Well I do but usually not for myself, usually my kids, Darrell or even the house. I used to be a big time house stuff buyer. The Burke Boy's Mommy does love to decorate and change things up constantly in this house but lately, well lately, I just don't have the time or even the energy.

With working, helping with homework (Did I mention Gage has 3 hours of algebra this year, geesh), and taking care of Aidan, trying to keep household stuff done, it just ain't happening. Lucky for me Darrell is a big help. This week I will start a 12-day stretch of working with no days off, well I do have a doctor's appointment on Friday of this week, but I don't even consider that a day off, going to the doctor, that is like work. I tell you this is killer and I end up so behind on stuff that I literally don't know where to start. But hey, I still know I am blessed.

I came across this link today on Kelly' Korner. Please visit them and pray for them, www.bandssullivan.blogspot.com. People, I am just too lazy to link. I can't help it. She was pregnant and diagnosed with breast cancer, doing good, had the baby and then 2 days later after going home started having seizures. She was determined to be brain dead and passed away. Also, this girl who worked at my family doctor's office, Michelle Stroud, was missing, found stuffed in a refrigerator in a deserted location, and now her soon-to-be ex-husband has been charged with her murder. She leaves behind an 8-year-old little boy whom she had just dropped off at school when her car was found about a mile from the school. Why do people kill people they loved, why do they kill the mother of their child? This is beyond me. This is a tragedy and disturbs everyone in the community since this is not something we see much of. We have had murders, and they are rare, but seems like when we have them, they are pretty gruesome.

Pray for both of these families.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Schools Out, Schools Out, Teachers Let The Monkeys Out

Overhead projector, transparencies and film projector along with film strips

Filing cabinet filled to the brim, refrigerator, pencil sharpener

student desk chairs

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cubbies, dry erase boards, bulletin boards

teacher's desk and more charts

bookcase, globe, world map

lots and lots of educational supplies, and I do mean lots.
This is by no means our homeschooling room. I just don't go there. I am okay with all of you who do, but I tend to go for the public school thing.
Anyway, I really don't blog much about Gage as he asks me not too. Every time I take a picture or say something about the blog, he tells me every time to not blog about it or him. He is at that age, and I feel if they ask you not to blog about them, then you should not. It is not that I don't love him or love Aidan more, Aidan just can't say now right now. But this, oh he was fine with this. This is his pride and joy. You see, my son who is going to soon be 13, going to have to get a job to support his habits of buying teacher resource materials and to buy all the shoes he is outgrowing and the clothes too, wants to become a teacher. He has dreamed of this since a very small age, and has been collecting this stuff for years. This my friends is Gage's teacher room above our garage. This is a nice room, long and narrow but has a nice window in the end, good lighting, privacy and hardwood floor, and he has it filled to the brim, very neatly I might add, with his teaching room. He spends hours tucked away in this room, grading papers, making worksheets, using all the ink in our printer cartridges, hint, hint, and doing things teachers normally do.
The filing cabinet is stuffed with Mailbox Magazines, magazines that teachers subscribe too, and yes he has a subscription. This company publishes ideas submitted by teachers, and he has had a few published, that is until they found out he was only 12 at the time and kindly sent us a note they would not be accepting any more of his ideas. I say boycott them, but he does love this magazine, and actually reads it. There are numerous teacher resource books and materials in this room. They fill every nook and cranny. The overhead projector and cart, a Christmas gift. The white board, a wonderful DIY project by my hubby as well as the white bookcase. He is handy like that. The local teacher stores know Gage when he comes in. They think it is just cool that he likes this stuff. Of course, he is spending all his money there, and well on Ebay. Did I tell ya he was very fluent on Ebay. Yep, does his own bidding, paying and emailing, of course upon my approval. Last week he got a Macmillan Box thingy, who knows what it was, and well he had no money, so that thing cost him, washing both cars inside and out and lots of little chores. This week, another Macmillan Box thingy, and well he had money for that that he forgot about in his closet. Go figure. Who forgets about money? Wait he is just 12.
I know, I know, my husband thinks it is crazy. But you see, the way I look at it is if it was not this kind of stuff, which is very helpful and educational, it would be video games or gasp, even girls. He is just too young for the latter I think. You know, I am his mother. I don't even want to think about this stuff.
Needless to say, this is a room I once had plans for, a nice little bedroom, a workout room, something I felt was useful. Well it is very useful, housing Gage's stuff, and believe me he has plenty of it.
By the way, if you have any FREE, I cannot stress FREE enough, teacher materials you would like to get rid of, I am sure Gage would be glad to take them off your hands. The teachers take advantage of us at the end of the year like this, and I get all their junk.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Seven Months

Can you Believe this little guy is 7 months today? I just can't. Where has time gone? Aidan is a big little guy these days. His new jammies from Wal-Mart were size 18 months, but most of his regular clothing is 9 to 12 months. I have bought most of his winter stuff in 12 to 18 months and his little coat from Mini Boden 24 months. He is moving on up. He can still wear a little 2 in a shoe but little snug now and hard to get on. He is in size 4 diapers with still plenty of room. He loves to eat and wants to eat whatever or whenever we eat. He has 2 bottom teeth, 2 little eye teeth now and his gums for his main front teeth are really swollen. He used to sleep through the night, but not anymore. What is the deal with that? He loves his mamma and wants to be with me all the times. He can go backward in his walker and maybe a tad bit forward, but not much. He loves our little Bailee dog, but her not so much lovin him. His eyes are a brown color with a blue ring around them, very pretty eyes, and big. Aidan still does not have much hair but it will come in time. He is wanting to crawl so bad he cannot stand it. He likes to pound his toys on the hardwood floor and push his little truck. Yesterday several times he made it to the crawling position, once or twice to actually try to move forward but then decide to sit back up. I know it is coming, and we will be in trouble then. We all love this little guy. He has changed our life forever!
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What if God Were One Of Us

You know the song, kind of makes you think. What if God was one of us? What if God was the one you did not help today? What if God was the one you walked by without offering a simple glance or a smile, or even a kind word? We all do it. We think we just simply don't have the time. We are too rushed. I have. I am ashamed to admit that. One day in particular a little lady was having trouble finding the deodorant she needed amongst the entire huge shelf to pick from. I saw her struggling, walked past 1st and then something told me, would Jesus do that. Nope, I said to my little ole self, and went back and helped her. Yes I was in a hurry, and yes I was not in the mood for any small talk, but I did it.

Yesterday morning we made it to church and actually early thanks to Aidan getting me up at 4 a.m. Yep, and last night 3:26. I still love him, and even more. I don't think he could possibly get any cuter. I blamed his little early morning fiasco on the monster pajamas I put on him last night. The monsters made him do it.

The message at Sunday service was great, well what I actually heard between Aidan pulling my shirt down in the front or off my arm, or looking at the lady behind me and screaming and smiling, and constantly saying "mum, mum, mum." By the way, we worked on the shhhh thing yesterday. He definitely paid attention and I quite possibly think he might have gotten it. On to the message, Our pastor talked about falling down. How when you actually literally fall and someone sees you, you have a pride thing kick in and say, "Oh, I didn't fall." Same thing with your Christianity. If you fall, don't be ashamed. Don't be afraid. Just pick up your cross and keeping on going. Ask for forgiveness. God is always there and always with us.

We had a baptism yesterday morning of a young man from Ohio. He had rededicated his life and wanted to be baptized again. I knew something was up when he came to the front of the church for fellowship. His clothes were probably 3 to 4 sizes too big for him, and I could just see the look in his eyes. Something was up. Come to find out he was homeless. Came in here with his girlfriend and she left and took what little he had. My heart was broken for him. We take so much for granted in life. Needless to say the church helped him, we helped him and many other members helped him until his mother can get a way in here on Wednesday to pick him up. You have to be helpful to people in their time of need. I never made it back to Sunday night worship but my mom said he was so proud, so grateful and so thankful. He said he had a new family here and he was going to live with his grandfather who loved him dearly but he felt as though we all loved him. Showing Christ like love is what came to my mind. I pray this young man finds a good church in Ohio, stays on the straight and narrow, always looking to God for guidance, picking his feet back up when he falls, and always remembers the church in Kentucky that helped him.

In our area we don't witness a lot of homelessness. It is a rural area and most people have family they are living with and relatives if they do not have a home. We don't see people on the street with signs or under bridges or overpasses, but I do know this exists. It literally breaks my heart. I know I cannot help everyone in this world. I don't have the money or even the energy for this, but I just pray that someone reaches out to these people, gives them hope, gives them something to remember when times get hard, keeping in mind what if God were one of us.

This young man will remember his time here. He will remember how he was helped. He was shown God's love and can take that with him in his life.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Does Kanye Think He Is?

I try to stay out of this celebrity hoopla cause there certainly is a whole lot of it out there. But, this certainly caught my eye when it was on the news and the Internet. Who does Kanye West think he is? Who is he to take this moment from Taylor Swift? The more I thought about this today the angrier I got. What if the tables had been turned? What if Taylor had done this to Beyonce or Kanye? Would she be racist? That card would probably be played. I am not a racist so don't think that when I post this. The fact of the matter is that Kanye has a tendency to do things like this. He tried to put the blame on many things but fact of the matter is, we all know what he is, and I am not going to say that particular word here. The fact that he did not apologize to her until 2 days after the fact when she revealed on The View that he had not apologized. I mean, I think that is a little late. I do remember seeing pictures of him arriving with his lady friend to the awards and he was toting a bottle of whiskey. How appropriate. Maybe he should blame it on the whiskey and they can do a country song for Taylor with those lyrics. Sounds good to me. But wait, there probably already is a country song with those lyrics. My point is, what kind of example do you set with showing up with a bottle of whiskey in your hand. Kids look up to these people. Not I, since I know better, but kids, yeah they do. Kanye is certainly not a role model. Anyway, Taylor was broken. You could see it in her eyes. I say everyone ban him. We don't particularly like his music, whatever it might be called, hip hop, rap, whatever it is, I am not quite sure, and Beyonce, we don't care for her either. She needs to get a new style. Her songs tend to say the same lines over and over and over again.

On another note, do you think that perhaps if Mr. Kanye had done this to the President of the United States, they would have reprimanded him like they are a certain person who called out Mr. Obama and called him a liar? Just asking? I mean I know Mr. Obama is the President of the United States, and it was probably uncalled for since there are better ways to handle things, but. At least Mr. Obama did have the nerve to call Kanye what I also think he is, and by the way, that got tweeted. Bet that guy lost his job. Do you think?

Well off my soapbox this morning. Seems like celebrities always have an excuse for things they do, blame it on their family, drugs, alcohol, childhood, blame it on their dog, which by the way Jessica Simpson (I do like her, just can't help it), if the coyotes got your dog, give it up. They do eat them especially little tiny ones. They blame it on all the wrong reasons except the real reason, themselves. They are so full of themselves. Next thing you know Kanye will be in rehab to get over this.

Wish I had had this blog when the whole Britney fiasco went down, but hey there is always Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, or Jon and Kate, and the list goes on and on.


This post was not meant to harm in anyway the people talked about here. This is just expressing my opinion of these people, and I do know that not many of you care and just say get over it and move on, and yeah we probably should

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hairy Chicken

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this chicken. The guy, well boy, who had it in a cage at the flea market kept looking at me strangely when I was going to take a picture of this chicken. Do you guys get this often? I mean it is just a picture. Do they think I am like a secret service agent or someone trying to spy on them? Do they have something to hide? Are they an illegal alien? Who knows. Alas, I have not become brazen enough to take pictures for my blog of a lot of things. I keep thinking people will think I am crazy. Why should I care? I don't really know that answer either. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

We went to the flea market to the area where all the good junk is, not the new kitschy stuff from China. I hate flea markets with that kind of stuff. I like the old junk. Also in this section is where they trade animals. Lots and lots of animals in cages. Everything from dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats, guineas, everything you can thing of. I have never seen snakes, and thank goodness for that.

Meanwhile we come upon a young boy, probably 13 or 14, and he has chickens. Hairy chickens. I mean I have never ever seen chickens like this. Their hair is all fuzzed up and messy like they just climbed out of the bed, or like my hair when I let it dry on its own, LOL. I so wanted a picture of this hairy chicken, tried several times and kept getting that evil eye. Who knows?

But the moral of the story is, chickens are not hairy. Did you know that? Well, I did but the entire time I was gasping at this chicken, I was saying look at its hair and proclaiming what a hairy little chicken. I even asked if Darrell had ever seen such a hairy chicken. His reply was this, while laughing uncontrollably at me, "Honey, chickens do not have hair. They have feathers."

Oh the things we say out in the country. And believe me when I tell you this is not the 1st time I have been laughed at, and for my accent too. Me, I am just happy and blessed.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Mum, Mum, Mum

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I snapped these early this morning. Aidan is so wanting to crawl these days. He seems to push everything off his blanket on the floor and try to get it. I sometimes wish we had carpet, it would make things easier with a baby until you had a mess. It is hard for him to try to even crawl on a blanket since it pushes out from under him, but I know he will get it. Yesterday just all out of the blue he decided it was mum, mum, mum all day long. No matter what we were doing, mum, mum, mum and then look at me and grin. Do you think he knows I am his mum? This was just wonderful. Made me want to just eat him up.
Since we did not make it to church yesterday Gage wanted to go to the flea market, so we obliged. All the way through the flea market Aidan was saying mum, mum, mum. I LOVE IT! I scored some more white plates for the dining room project I have in my head, that is actually starting to take place in our garage now that we have room, and a new tomato slicer knife from Rada. Don't you just love their knives. I do, especially that tomato slicer one.
Saturday we had a little wiener roast and marshmallow roast here for the kids. We made S'mores and had the best hot dogs ever. They are so good on an open wire with wood, and the kids love it. What am I saying, the adults loved it to. My MIA sister was also there (she is probably reading this). Yea, she went off to college and Morehead State and now never comes home. I know, I know, her own life to lead, but pretty bad Jayda when Aidan is afraid of you, even just sitting next to you in his stroller. We told scary stories and I swear I almost peed myself from laughing so hard at those kids, and Emily, our trusty lab who always keeps my porch a mess, she was scared too. No, I am serious. She is a big chicken. I did not get any pictures as I figured most would be too dark anyway. But believe me, we had a good time, and the night air was perfect for a fire outside.

Saturday day we worked on the garage for a while, Aidan napped for 3 hours and then sat in his stroller and watched us work. Can somebody tell this kid to help? We made a lot of progress but so much more needed. Where did all this junk come from? LOL. The trash man is going to love us.
The mornings are getting cooler here and the days feel great. I think Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love all the colors and just the way the air feels. We finally got the screen door hung. I have only been waiting for a while now, but I will post about this later. For now, work is waiting for me

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Sale

Okay, okay, I know I said I would post a blog sale, but the weekend has been crazy. Aidan is working on getting his eye teeth in and kind of clingy. He would not even let my mom hold him today. He had a meltdown and we did not make it to church, just not enough time. With these 2 teeth, that will make him 4, 2 on the bottom and then his little vampire teeth. Guess he could be a vampire for Halloween.

I did get a few pics taken of some things but we did decide to take many things to the auction for them to auction off as I just do not have the time for another project right now. Between working, blogging, housework, being a mommy and a wife, I am pulled in every direction right now, so I will again have to postpone this sale.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Economy At Hand

Every time you turn on the news there is some company laying people off, downsizing or just simply closing up shop. Times are tough, and the American People are in for a long haul I feel on this. I spoke before about a couple near us losing their home, another popular blog talking about her financial problems, and so many more out there. This morning in particular while I fed Aidan his bottle, the news was talking about Owens Corning, a popular company I know many of you have heard of, had laid off 80 employees in this area. I know 80 does not sound like much, but in such a small, rural area, this can be devastating to many people, not just the workers and their family. This inadvertently affects everyone around. The reason for the lay off, oversea outsourcing to India. What? How can they make the products over there and still be making money sending them back here. Well, let me tell you further. These 80 people were the paperwork people, the pencil pushers, I guess so to speak. I am not meaning that bad, don't get me wrong. What I am furious about is sending these jobs overseas. This is just crazy. The government should completely BAN this. Taking jobs from American People to give to overseas people, just crazy. No wonder business is booming overseas. I have heard the old adage that Americans do not want to work. This is just a stereotype as many are working, well until they lost their jobs to India. I do have a big problem with this people. How can we ever expect to pick up from a bad economy situation if jobs are continued to be outsourced overseas. I don't have an answer as I don't hold a degree in political science, but just plain and simple, keep our jobs in America. If Americans do not know how to do the jobs, offer them the same training as many of these companies are giving to India. Give them a chance. Keep our work here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Am Too Sleepy For This

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Aidan looks a little sleepy for this. In fact, the other picture I took shows Aidan yawning. But nevertheless, here are my 2 boys, Gage's first day of 7th grade in his Ron Jon Surf Shop Shirt.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Choose Before Enlistment

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I have tried and tried to find out about this sign. A guy gave it to me so probably not worth much, but hey, you never know. It is a metal sign about 3 feet by 2 feet. It has been an Army recruitment sign. The paint is faded and it does have a lot of wear, but I love it. I would love this in 1 of my guy's bedrooms. I am eyeballing a place in my upstairs beside the new vintage ticking fabric I picked up at an estate sale for my iron baby crib turned daybed. Pics to come soon as soon as I get slipcovers for the other chair.

UPDATE: I had already done this post, not knowing what the blog hop was for today. Kind of appropriate, huh? Anyway, this sign shows a proudness for the Army for me. 911 was a day I don't think any of us will forget. I was at work. We all watched from a television in a lounge for the doctors at the hospital. We watched in horror, in sadness and in disbelief. I cannot imaging witnessing first hand this tragic event. America was changed forever.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Just Junk!

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And More Junk,

My estate sale went pretty good. Parted with many things I have loved for a while, many things I just never used but got at a pretty good price, and then just some stuff I needed to clear out to make room for more junk. My buildings are still full to the brim so probably will do this again soon!

And More Junk!

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New Again!

I came across this song on a blog that follows me, thank you so much Kentucky Sunflowers Up a Holler. I love this song. I love the music of Brad Paisley and Sara Evans, but that is not what does it for me. The words of this song. I had not watched the video until just now.

I had a post to do about Labor Day, why I am working if this is a holiday to honor American workers, and all that nonsense, but I feel this is so much more. More meaning and more of a priority. I am thankful and I am grateful. I am very BLESSED!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

The Burke's are expanding, and no we are not having another baby. Trust me when I tell you that. We are expanding our little business ventures. Not another house flip or rental. Hopefully those are gone for a while. I have always wanted to be in the antique business, and well I am hoping in the next little bit for that to happen, and adding a new blog with DIY stuff and lots of my treasures and finds I come across. Most days I feel like my head is going to explode with ideas so sStay tuned for all the excitement.


A Day in the Life of the Burke's

Nope, we are not the Duggars. I am not sure how they do it with all those kids and another on the way. We are lucky to manage 2. Darrell commented yesterday sometimes he has to remember if he dropped Aidan off at my mom's house in the morning. Two kids are hard, especially when you have to do everything for 1 of them, and most everything still for the 12-year-old. This morning. I don't have deodorant. Me, I say, I told you where it was. Okay, (stands there waiting for me to get it). Geesh Louise. Do I have to do everything around here? Darrell is a big help and I am grateful for that. I know many times I forget this and take this for granted, but he does help. So I thank him. Again, I seriously do not know how the Duggaars do it all. I secretly in the back of my mind look to turn on the news 1 day and they are divorcing, 1 of their children has committed murder or in drug rehab. I don't wish this on them, but I just keep thinking this picture may not be what it seems. How could it? Look at the Gosselins, Jon and Kate. Nuff said.

Anyway, yesterday Aidan was due for vaccinations. Hate these, and boy did he ever cry yesterday. They kept coming back in to check on him, and when he would see the nurse, he would cry even harder. He even cried with her listening to his little chest and all the weighing and measuring. Can anybody say my baby has stranger anxiety. This would be to say the least. As you can imaging, he had grown quite a bit. They actually measured his head twice to make sure they measured it right. It had grown 3 inches in 3 months. Yes, he has a fat head. We have known that all along. His brother has a fat head and so does his dad. I live in a house with a bunch of fat heads. LOL. This little head thing was 1 of the things that made me decided to go with a repeat c-section if you know what I mean. Back to the subject at hand. Aidan now weighs 21 pounds and 9 ounces and is 27 1/4 inches long. Well actually 27 and 3/8 inches long according to what Darrell told the nurse yesterday when he helped her measure Aidan. She said, go figure a man would measure that way. She said they were not that precise. Now me, I would have to say 27 and so many little marks. He is wearing size 4 diapers, sitting up great, I look for him to start crawling soon, he says ma ma (at least it sounds like it), he is trying to hold his bottle, still sleeping with me, eating like a little pig, and still loving his paci.

We were super busy yesterday getting things priced for my huge living estate sale on Saturday. I am hoping I don't start deciding to keep things as they are coming out of buildings and garages. I have already decided on some things. And then there is this little estate sale tomorrow, and I have already previewed some of the stuff, and I am sending Darrell down 1st thing in the morning to get what I want. I told you I am definitely a hoarder of junk. Well, good junk that is.

Back to Aidan, yesterday just wore him out, messed up his entire schedule of napping and eating. The eating still took place but the napping, not so much. He literally fell over last night, but was up again from 4:15 until 6 again. Can somebody tell this baby to go back to sleeping. Gotta love him. I so wish yesterday I had my video recorder out. Gage literally had Aidan doing a belly laugh. I just love it. Listening to my 2 babies interacting like that. It is wonderful.

Well, back to the grind today after being off yesterday for appointments, and I have to stay motivated today. Just gotta.

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