Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hairy Chicken

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this chicken. The guy, well boy, who had it in a cage at the flea market kept looking at me strangely when I was going to take a picture of this chicken. Do you guys get this often? I mean it is just a picture. Do they think I am like a secret service agent or someone trying to spy on them? Do they have something to hide? Are they an illegal alien? Who knows. Alas, I have not become brazen enough to take pictures for my blog of a lot of things. I keep thinking people will think I am crazy. Why should I care? I don't really know that answer either. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

We went to the flea market to the area where all the good junk is, not the new kitschy stuff from China. I hate flea markets with that kind of stuff. I like the old junk. Also in this section is where they trade animals. Lots and lots of animals in cages. Everything from dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats, guineas, everything you can thing of. I have never seen snakes, and thank goodness for that.

Meanwhile we come upon a young boy, probably 13 or 14, and he has chickens. Hairy chickens. I mean I have never ever seen chickens like this. Their hair is all fuzzed up and messy like they just climbed out of the bed, or like my hair when I let it dry on its own, LOL. I so wanted a picture of this hairy chicken, tried several times and kept getting that evil eye. Who knows?

But the moral of the story is, chickens are not hairy. Did you know that? Well, I did but the entire time I was gasping at this chicken, I was saying look at its hair and proclaiming what a hairy little chicken. I even asked if Darrell had ever seen such a hairy chicken. His reply was this, while laughing uncontrollably at me, "Honey, chickens do not have hair. They have feathers."

Oh the things we say out in the country. And believe me when I tell you this is not the 1st time I have been laughed at, and for my accent too. Me, I am just happy and blessed.



  1. Hi, Teresa-
    They're called silkies. I have a couple of them- bearded white Chinese silkie chickens. They actually don't have feathers - only down. Marco Polo wrote about them as having fur. They're adorable and very, very cuddly.

  2. Gday Teresa
    I just stumbled on your site looking for Hairy chickens I just hatched a hairy little baby chicken its Ma is too big and keeps crushing the unborns..:( so I took it on myself. Good luck with your shop we have just bought a property and are converting an old dairy into a B&B lots of work infront of us. My hairy little chick is a Brahma...hope it survives no one does the job like the mother. Good luck to you and your family. Blessed be. Nic. Down under.


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