Monday, September 21, 2009

What if God Were One Of Us

You know the song, kind of makes you think. What if God was one of us? What if God was the one you did not help today? What if God was the one you walked by without offering a simple glance or a smile, or even a kind word? We all do it. We think we just simply don't have the time. We are too rushed. I have. I am ashamed to admit that. One day in particular a little lady was having trouble finding the deodorant she needed amongst the entire huge shelf to pick from. I saw her struggling, walked past 1st and then something told me, would Jesus do that. Nope, I said to my little ole self, and went back and helped her. Yes I was in a hurry, and yes I was not in the mood for any small talk, but I did it.

Yesterday morning we made it to church and actually early thanks to Aidan getting me up at 4 a.m. Yep, and last night 3:26. I still love him, and even more. I don't think he could possibly get any cuter. I blamed his little early morning fiasco on the monster pajamas I put on him last night. The monsters made him do it.

The message at Sunday service was great, well what I actually heard between Aidan pulling my shirt down in the front or off my arm, or looking at the lady behind me and screaming and smiling, and constantly saying "mum, mum, mum." By the way, we worked on the shhhh thing yesterday. He definitely paid attention and I quite possibly think he might have gotten it. On to the message, Our pastor talked about falling down. How when you actually literally fall and someone sees you, you have a pride thing kick in and say, "Oh, I didn't fall." Same thing with your Christianity. If you fall, don't be ashamed. Don't be afraid. Just pick up your cross and keeping on going. Ask for forgiveness. God is always there and always with us.

We had a baptism yesterday morning of a young man from Ohio. He had rededicated his life and wanted to be baptized again. I knew something was up when he came to the front of the church for fellowship. His clothes were probably 3 to 4 sizes too big for him, and I could just see the look in his eyes. Something was up. Come to find out he was homeless. Came in here with his girlfriend and she left and took what little he had. My heart was broken for him. We take so much for granted in life. Needless to say the church helped him, we helped him and many other members helped him until his mother can get a way in here on Wednesday to pick him up. You have to be helpful to people in their time of need. I never made it back to Sunday night worship but my mom said he was so proud, so grateful and so thankful. He said he had a new family here and he was going to live with his grandfather who loved him dearly but he felt as though we all loved him. Showing Christ like love is what came to my mind. I pray this young man finds a good church in Ohio, stays on the straight and narrow, always looking to God for guidance, picking his feet back up when he falls, and always remembers the church in Kentucky that helped him.

In our area we don't witness a lot of homelessness. It is a rural area and most people have family they are living with and relatives if they do not have a home. We don't see people on the street with signs or under bridges or overpasses, but I do know this exists. It literally breaks my heart. I know I cannot help everyone in this world. I don't have the money or even the energy for this, but I just pray that someone reaches out to these people, gives them hope, gives them something to remember when times get hard, keeping in mind what if God were one of us.

This young man will remember his time here. He will remember how he was helped. He was shown God's love and can take that with him in his life.


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