Monday, September 14, 2009

Mum, Mum, Mum

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I snapped these early this morning. Aidan is so wanting to crawl these days. He seems to push everything off his blanket on the floor and try to get it. I sometimes wish we had carpet, it would make things easier with a baby until you had a mess. It is hard for him to try to even crawl on a blanket since it pushes out from under him, but I know he will get it. Yesterday just all out of the blue he decided it was mum, mum, mum all day long. No matter what we were doing, mum, mum, mum and then look at me and grin. Do you think he knows I am his mum? This was just wonderful. Made me want to just eat him up.
Since we did not make it to church yesterday Gage wanted to go to the flea market, so we obliged. All the way through the flea market Aidan was saying mum, mum, mum. I LOVE IT! I scored some more white plates for the dining room project I have in my head, that is actually starting to take place in our garage now that we have room, and a new tomato slicer knife from Rada. Don't you just love their knives. I do, especially that tomato slicer one.
Saturday we had a little wiener roast and marshmallow roast here for the kids. We made S'mores and had the best hot dogs ever. They are so good on an open wire with wood, and the kids love it. What am I saying, the adults loved it to. My MIA sister was also there (she is probably reading this). Yea, she went off to college and Morehead State and now never comes home. I know, I know, her own life to lead, but pretty bad Jayda when Aidan is afraid of you, even just sitting next to you in his stroller. We told scary stories and I swear I almost peed myself from laughing so hard at those kids, and Emily, our trusty lab who always keeps my porch a mess, she was scared too. No, I am serious. She is a big chicken. I did not get any pictures as I figured most would be too dark anyway. But believe me, we had a good time, and the night air was perfect for a fire outside.

Saturday day we worked on the garage for a while, Aidan napped for 3 hours and then sat in his stroller and watched us work. Can somebody tell this kid to help? We made a lot of progress but so much more needed. Where did all this junk come from? LOL. The trash man is going to love us.
The mornings are getting cooler here and the days feel great. I think Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love all the colors and just the way the air feels. We finally got the screen door hung. I have only been waiting for a while now, but I will post about this later. For now, work is waiting for me

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