Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day in the Life of the Burke's

Nope, we are not the Duggars. I am not sure how they do it with all those kids and another on the way. We are lucky to manage 2. Darrell commented yesterday sometimes he has to remember if he dropped Aidan off at my mom's house in the morning. Two kids are hard, especially when you have to do everything for 1 of them, and most everything still for the 12-year-old. This morning. I don't have deodorant. Me, I say, I told you where it was. Okay, (stands there waiting for me to get it). Geesh Louise. Do I have to do everything around here? Darrell is a big help and I am grateful for that. I know many times I forget this and take this for granted, but he does help. So I thank him. Again, I seriously do not know how the Duggaars do it all. I secretly in the back of my mind look to turn on the news 1 day and they are divorcing, 1 of their children has committed murder or in drug rehab. I don't wish this on them, but I just keep thinking this picture may not be what it seems. How could it? Look at the Gosselins, Jon and Kate. Nuff said.

Anyway, yesterday Aidan was due for vaccinations. Hate these, and boy did he ever cry yesterday. They kept coming back in to check on him, and when he would see the nurse, he would cry even harder. He even cried with her listening to his little chest and all the weighing and measuring. Can anybody say my baby has stranger anxiety. This would be to say the least. As you can imaging, he had grown quite a bit. They actually measured his head twice to make sure they measured it right. It had grown 3 inches in 3 months. Yes, he has a fat head. We have known that all along. His brother has a fat head and so does his dad. I live in a house with a bunch of fat heads. LOL. This little head thing was 1 of the things that made me decided to go with a repeat c-section if you know what I mean. Back to the subject at hand. Aidan now weighs 21 pounds and 9 ounces and is 27 1/4 inches long. Well actually 27 and 3/8 inches long according to what Darrell told the nurse yesterday when he helped her measure Aidan. She said, go figure a man would measure that way. She said they were not that precise. Now me, I would have to say 27 and so many little marks. He is wearing size 4 diapers, sitting up great, I look for him to start crawling soon, he says ma ma (at least it sounds like it), he is trying to hold his bottle, still sleeping with me, eating like a little pig, and still loving his paci.

We were super busy yesterday getting things priced for my huge living estate sale on Saturday. I am hoping I don't start deciding to keep things as they are coming out of buildings and garages. I have already decided on some things. And then there is this little estate sale tomorrow, and I have already previewed some of the stuff, and I am sending Darrell down 1st thing in the morning to get what I want. I told you I am definitely a hoarder of junk. Well, good junk that is.

Back to Aidan, yesterday just wore him out, messed up his entire schedule of napping and eating. The eating still took place but the napping, not so much. He literally fell over last night, but was up again from 4:15 until 6 again. Can somebody tell this baby to go back to sleeping. Gotta love him. I so wish yesterday I had my video recorder out. Gage literally had Aidan doing a belly laugh. I just love it. Listening to my 2 babies interacting like that. It is wonderful.

Well, back to the grind today after being off yesterday for appointments, and I have to stay motivated today. Just gotta.


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