Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Is Just Around the Corner

I love fall weather. You wake up and the air is cool but the days are great, 70 degree weather. Love it. I wish we had it all the time. You can open the windows and not use the air conditioner. The air just feels crisp and clean. Not to mention all the pumpkins and leaves. I love the mix of colors, the way the hills look and the fall decor.

Around here lately I can feel fall creeping in on us. The mornings are cooler as are the evenings. Night begins to set in earlier. Oh, I just can't wait to decorate for fall. We usually do the entire house including the porch, and then when Halloween comes along, we decorate the entire house for that. I buy pumpkin seed every year and never get them planted in time. I had big plans this year for pumpkins, porches and pictures. Oh well, guess I will buy a few instead.

Gage's birthday is in October and mine is actually on Halloween, so why not love the month of October. A few years ago we had a huge Halloween party for him, complete with a haunted trail and all the works. The kids loved it. I wish I had pictures of this but I was so busy I did not get any, only a few my mom took of some of the kids in costume. No pictures of the way the house looked and none of us all dressed up. I was a zombie bride complete with vintage wedding dress turned into bloody wedding dress. This year Gage is begging for the same. Do I give in? I feel it calling my name; however, there is a lot of work involved in such a feat. Am I up to it? Probably. Can I do it with the baby? Not sure about that yet.

This year I am thinking another haunted trail, caramel apples, a huge bonfire and perhaps a chainsaw.

I did purchase Martha's Stewart's Halloween magazine yesterday and found the cutest little costume for Aidan. He is going to be an owl. And yes, we usually all dress up as a family. I am trying to get Darrell to be a beekeeper. It was also in the magazine. We always do our costumes as they turn out much better than anything store bought. Two years in a row Gage was a Zombie, and last year a scary scarecrow. Many years before that he was a vampire, even at the age of 3, a miniature 1. One year we were an entire family of vampires, and many people took our picture.

I was just a pregnant lady at that time with our Little Man. This is us trick-or-treating last year.

The only thing bad about fall is what is to come after that, winter, but wait there is Christmas, and that is an entirely new post. We go all out for that too.


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  1. Love the birthday/halloween party idea! So much fun! I LOVE stuff like that!!!


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