Saturday, August 1, 2009

Was It Really That Bad?

I have been delegating jobs to Gage lately. I figure he is 12 and he needs to do his share around here. After all, I feed and clothe him, right? No, just kidding. I feel like chores make him responsible and will make him a well-rounded adult. After all, they never hurt me. Plus, this give me more time to blog. LOL.

Anyway, this morning as I was changing Aidan's diaper, and no we do not use cloth diapers. I am honestly just too lazy. Might as well tell ya the truth. I do, however, put his disposable diapers in a diaper pail with a lid. Let me tell ya, when I took that lid off there this morning to add another to the massive heap already in there (I am not sure when I emptied it last, probably at least a week, hey we have been busy, remember), I thought the smell was going to knock me down. It was like a bomb going off in there. My nose hairs are still trying to recuperate. I immediately threw the diaper in and put the lid back on. You see, I would have normally immediately changed this myself but I am working again today, really not here blogging right now, and I needed to get started. I have so much to get done before we leave for Myrtle Beach.

When Gage got up this morning I told him I had some chores for him today. He said just give it to me now, rolled his eyes, and said so I can get started. I let him know he could eat 1st and actually might want to. He disagreed and rolled his eyes again so I gave him my list. Normally I like to write these things down since he does tend to get sidetracked and forget. Today was empty all the little trash cans from the bathrooms, vacuum the entire house (we do have hardwood floors but I love my Dyson and we usually vacuum everything instead of use a broom or a Swiffer), and, and, wait for it, the dreaded diaper pail. I asked him again if he was sure he did not want to eat breakfast before he got started. He insisted no still. I informed him of where the Lysol was and to take it with him. Meanwhile, I am back to working, transcribing away, and I here him upstairs say, "OH MY GOD!" I just laughed under my breath while working. Did I really just send my 12-year-old son upstairs to do a job I should have done. Well yes, and why not? He better get used to it after all if he ever has kids, which by the way he says is never going to happen, and he is leaving home if we have another baby, which Darrell says is NEVER going to happen. On with my story. I go back to working, see him on the porch outside with the Lysol. He comes back in and says he has it all figured out, put the lid back on, take the pail outside before opening the lid, hold your nose and spray with Lysol before taking the bag out. By the way, he says he is NEVER doing this again. Hey, at least he did it today, right!


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