Friday, July 31, 2009

Homemade Apple Turnovers

I so love these. I grew up with my mom making these for us. While she was here the other day keeping Aidan for me, she made these. They are so simple.

You just take a can of biscuits, a can of fried applies, sugar, and cinnamon.

Usually we take and mash the applies and add sugar and cinnamon to the mixture. No measuring here, just to your taste.

Flour your counter or cutting board in order to roll out the biscuits. Each biscuit makes a perfect size turnover. Once you have the biscuit rolled out just put in a spoonful of your apple mixture, kind of off to 1 side, and then flop the other side over. Take a fork and crimp the edges, and Voila! Now I should mention here you should have a pan with cooking oil in it. Get that pretty hot, not too hot, probably about medium, but make sure the grease is hot or you will get greasy, doughy turnovers. Drop these in carefully as to not burn yourself or splash the grease on you like I usually do. Wait until they brown and then turn them over for the other side. Take them out and let them cool a bit and soak the grease up on a paper towel. Usually after this we sprinkle just regular sugar on them or even powdered sugar. Enjoy! I sure did that day. Not going to say how many of these I ate, but I think the magic number was 4.

Note to self, do not catch the paper towel on fire like my mom did. She will never get used to cooking with gas again. She almost caught the dishtowel on fire that day too when boiling the corn.


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  1. they are called apple jacks here.... mmmmm gooooooooddddddd eatin! I haven't had 1 in years!!


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