Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Having a baby is very time consuming, and sometimes we seem to forget, well not forget, but not really have the time or the energy for other people in our lives. I know I seem to blog more about the baby than Gage but Aidan is attached at the hip and well, Gage is quickly growing up. I know that eventually he will be doing things on his own and quickly moving toward being an adult.

I want to take this time today to recognize 1 special guy in my life. Remember, I have 3. This guy is my baby and will always be my baby. I can still remember his cute little face as a baby, things he did, things he said.

Gage is a really good kid. He does great in school, is very well behaved and we really do not have any problems with him. All the teachers say they wish they had an entire classroom of kids like Gage. He is aspiring to be a teacher, and this is fine with us. We do wish he would chose something that would make him a little more money since teachers deserve so much more money than they make.

Gage is a great helper. He gets me stuff for the baby, loads the dishwasher, vacuums, picks up laundry, feeds the dogs and many more countless tasks to which some are prompted and some are just on his own. He also cleans and vacuums the pool. He is so insistent it stay clean. He showers every day without us having to tell him. I mean, how many 12-year-old boys do that. We do have to remind on the teeth brushing still. And, I do still fix his hair. I joke I will be doing this until he is 30, but that is fine with me.

Lately I can see him changing, his voice is changing, he is taller than me now, almost wears the same size shoe as his dad, and they do wear the same size clothes. How did this happen? Can I change this somehow? Where did my baby go? Time goes buy so fast and I can see this already happening with Aidan.

I wanted to take this time to tell my #1 guy how much I love him and love having him as my son. Mommy is busy a lot with the baby, and you are moving on in things in your life. I know that in 3 years you will be driving a car. Scary, huh? I cannot even begin to imagine these changes taking place in your life. I just want you to remember I will always love you, you will always be my baby and I am always here for you no matter what.


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