Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

Except it is Tuesday and I meant to do this yesterday. Oh well, like I said, manic Monday, and not talking about the 80's group, The Bangles. Yes, I grew up with this kind of music and still like to listen to 80's music. Most of Gage's friends are amazed at how much he knows about 80's music too, but what can I say, we sing along together and act crazy to these songs.

Boy have we been busy, staining the porch, painting the entire house including trim and ceilings, being general contractor to my mom and dad's house, which has all the foundation laid and they are bringing the wood today, Yippee!!, moving right along. I think Darrell spent about 4 hours on the phone yesterday with companies getting price quotes and estimates. Saturday we spent all day going to a discount building supply store to get windows, and she got some of the most adorable glass doorknobs I have seen. I have coveted these knobs, I must say, even though I know I am not supposed to covet. Note to self, pray about this. These knobs remind me of old knobs on older houses, love them!

I have been so busy trying to pull off some of those artsy photos MckMama takes. I think I have used an entire package of batteries trying to get that blurry background down. I have come to the conclusion my camera will do this slightly but not so much. I have also been playing around with several Photoshop programs, and I must say, I am loving these. I have not had much time to do much with these, but working on it. I have a 30-day trial of the Photoshop Elements program before I decide to purchase this. I am so wanting to learn more about photography so I can choose to take more pictures of my children and family without all the expense professional photographers take, plus having to load them up and get there in 1 piece with everyone still having clothes on and no mishaps in the car seat with the poopie diapers. I am hearing a new more expensive camera calling my name, hint, hint to Darrell for our anniversary which is coming up.

Meanwhile our house is a shipwreck right now and not like the Titanic. I tried to get Darrell to just concentrate on 1 room at a time. This worked fine for a bit and then he decided to let the guy do all the trim and doors upstairs. At this time we have no doors on any of the bedrooms, family room and at 1 point even the bathroom. I did make him put that door back on as soon as it was dry so I could shower. I mean, I am not too crazy showering without a door on the bathroom with people in here helping to paint our house.

Aidan is growing so fast, sitting up great in his high chair we just got him, liking his exersaucer and his jumper and becoming oh so vocal. He smiles constantly at you and is my little hip baby so to speak. He is always on my hip while I am doing things.

Gage is growing too. He will be 13 in October, an official teenager, and just think, 3 more years he will be allowed to drive. Where has time gone? Right now he has just finished reading "23 minutes in Hell." Yes, you heard me right. He reads books that are more mature for him. He has read several along this line and is awaiting the "90 minutes in Heaven" book as soon as we come across this. He has also read "The Shack" and liked this book too. I would do links for all this stuff but I have not had time to figure this out yet. You could say I like to blog but I am lazy and just like to get it over with, but mostly because I need to be working and not blogging, speaking of which I need to get back to.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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