Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogging My Life

Looks like I got the background blur here too. Love these feet!

This is what Aidan and I do a lot of in the summer. Any guesses?

Hooray for the red, white and blue.

Gage and Savannah, our cousin, doing some serious fishing. Bill Dance wannabes.

I am going to chew this little chicken's head off if you don't feed me. If you only knew how much this baby looks like his daddy. I hope to show you soon. He looks so much like Gage when he was a baby, if I only had my scanner hooked up to my new computer, you could see. This little chew toy was my sisters who is 20, and then Gage used it and now Aidan loves it.

The large fish Gage and Savannah caught, a blue gill, and there is my blurry background. Voila!

Our lab, Emily. She is about 10 years old but a great dog.

Emily just trying to ignore me, but got my background blurry.

I love to blog, and even more so love to read other blogs. I have found so many wonderful blogs that I enjoy to read, many I check 1st thing every day. I am wanting to change my blog up a little bit just trying to find the time. I could seriously make this a full-time job, but remember, I have 1 of those. Wait! I think I have many of those, cook, launderer, taxi driver, doctor, etc. You get the picture.

I have been working on my photography some, not much this week though since we are swamped with work. I have trials of Photoshop Elements and Lightrooom right now, and I have already learned so much. A friend of Darrell's has both of these programs and promises to let me borrow them for a longer time, and he also says he knows how to do all kinds of things. Now, if he can just get the time to come here and show me how to do all the stuff he knows on these programs, I will be set. I cannot even begin to tell you how many batteries my camera has gone through in the last few weeks trying to get that background blur down, and finally, I think I have it. The only thing is my camera is not the best for doing this, but now I know it can be done. My only regret is I finally made this happen with a picture of our dog and of a fish. Might I say the picture of the fish was bad, half cut off, but the blur was good.

Tomorrow is a special day for us, our 16th anniversary. We wanted to go somewhere for the day but I have to work and then they are also bringing the trusses for my mom's house, so it looks as though we will be here. I am not even sure we will be able to go out and eat somewhere nice but maybe Saturday. Meanwhile the house is still torn apart from all the painting. Aidan did go to bed early last night so I was able to get some things put back together. Hopefully with the weekend coming up, I can get more accomplished. I really am anxious to get some pics on here but not sure when.


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