Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life

How true. I do get tired of things easily, so I must admit, I grew tired of my blog background. I just wanted something with not so much color. I did not like how all the color interfered with my pictures. I do like things to match. I came across this little site,, see the button on the right. Love their designs, so I switched things up a bit.

We are literally getting tons of rain here today. I thought summer was for a time of great weather. Apparently not. Anyway, we are going to the beach next week, hopefully can do some posts from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Can't wait. By the way, the weather for Myrtle Beach next week, you guessed it, rain. Come on!

I have been enjoying learning to use my new camera and have already learned so much from it. I plan on doing lots of pics of our vacation and a few family type pictures for us too, can't wait.

I know this post is random, but I am trying to diligently work today and not get distracted. Working a little better today than yesterday. I desperately need a vacation so I am hoping next week helps me. Hopefully after while I can post some new pictures I have taken, plus go to the grocery store. Shew, the cockroaches are starving here!


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