Monday, July 20, 2009


The news for Monday morning is, drum roll please, Aidan has a tooth. Yep, you heard me. My almost 5-month-old baby has his 1st little pearl breaking through the skin. You can feel it with your finger and he loves to bite down hard. You know that old adage, hurts so good. Must be the same for him. I have been diligently checking him for teeth for a while since he chews and drools all the time. I happened to be feeding him his supper last night, which now consists of 2 jars of baby food (man this kid is an eater!), when I discovered it. I could see his little gum had what appeared to be a little slice right where a tooth could be. As soon as he was finished eating, I mean you never interrupt his eating since he cries between each bite as it is, I checked and Voila! My Little Tooth Boy, his new nickname. I immediately got the phone and started calling everyone, and then everyone who called the house this evening I told them or kept telling Darrell to tell them Aidan has a tooth. I figure another will be close behind.

We are still very busy here right now, which I think is the general consensus for most people about now. We are trying to plan a vacation, helping mom with building her house, which by the way now resembles a house, and just trying to catch up on things here. The walls are up and the interior walls framed. Moving right along thanks to some wonderful contractors with so far some great work ethic. Let's not count our chickens before they hatch. The trusses for the roof should be here any day and then I will let you guys see.

We are still trying to get our house painted. Any other time this would have been done long ago but with a baby, things move kind of slow. You see, I have to work on his schedule. I am hoping this does not take me as long as my SIL who painted her house inside a few years ago, and I mean it literally took her an entire year to get this finished with kids, school and other chores. I don't think I could stand the mess that long. However, we have 1 room almost completely finished and some nice little projects to show you. We finally hung the curtains yesterday in the family room and I am going to post about them this week, hopefully.

Today I think will also be a painting day. I am changing everything pretty much to a white-themed farmhouse look with less stuff. I used to think more was better but with having to clean everything, I am now liking the saying, less is more. This is hard for me since I have so much stuff and I just hate to get rid of it, have no time for a yard sale and really don't live in a place to do such thing, so maybe Ebay. Will let you guys know if I post stuff on Ebay you might like. And, I definitely have a hard time just throwing things away. I keep thinking I can use this for something or do this with that. That is probably the reason we don't park our cars in our garage. You think? This also is soon going to change.

Well off to work for me.


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