Friday, July 3, 2009


I have been looking forward to a post about July 4th, so here we are and I am sick as can be. I have been fighting a terrible cold in the summer. I mean come on, summer colds are terrible, and this seems to be when I always get them. Because of this cold, my post will probably be short. I feel terrible, sneezing, stuffy head, runny nose and well, you get the picture, but I figured I could at least take the time to wish you guys a Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday Aidan got vaccinations and was a bit cranky the entire day so I pretty much just held him all day. He has gotten to where if he does not know you, he cries when you take him to hold. The little lip just puckers up and drops down and boo hoo hoo.

I am sure this will be busy weekend here at our house as it will be for many of you. Get out, enjoy your family and go see some fireworks. We are planning on it, but not sure how Aidan will react.


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