Monday, July 27, 2009


All week long I kept a list of my "NOT ME" stuff for my post today, anxious awaiting to post it. However, in lieu of precious Stellan's condition, and since MckMama is the queen of all these "NOT ME MONDAYS", how could we all write these and talk about all the crazy stuff we "DID NOT DO" this week.

I have prayed for Stellan, checked MckMama's tweets feverishly. When I hold my little guy I think of Stellan as there is not a big age gap. Aidan is 5 months. Please continue to pray for Stellan, his mama and his family. He is in pretty bad shape as I type this. Pray for strength for MckMama, Prince Charming and all the MSCs and most of all for Stellan. Pray for his healing, and that people everywhere will see God's Amazing Work in this young baby boy.

Last night I held Aidan and caressed his little head as he slept. I do this many times but today with the thought of Stellan and his mama.

We love you Stellan!

The Burkes

Click on the button "Praying for Stellan" for his story. Check out the left hand side of the blog for the up-to-date tweets from his mama on his condition.

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