Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little photo shoot and a quilt

Darrell surprised me with that new camera I had been wanting. I really hated to spend the money on it, but hey, now that I have it, might as well put it to use. We have been taking pictures like crazy with this thing. I will probably be on Social Security by the time I figure it all out. However, just before I got the new camera, well exactly 1 day, I decided to do some pictures of Aidan in our yard. I have so many bug bites from all the laying on the ground trying to get a good shot. Lucky for Aidan, I did put a quilt down. The quilt in many of these pictures was made by a lady we have known forever. It is called a cathedral window. She quilted on this for about 16 years just a little at a time and mostly only in the winter months. She did say she WOULD NEVER, understand me, NEVER make another quilt like this. When Darrell was a small child, about Gage's age, he told her he liked it while she was still working on it, and she told him that when he got married, she would give it to him. She kept her promise. Not long after we were married, she called him while I was working, and he went and picked the quilt up. Imagine my surprise when I came home and this quilt was on our bed. I love this quilt and will cherish it forever!

Anyway here are a few of our pictures from the other day. These are all just as I took them with nothing photoshopped except for the 1st one, and the lighting was off, so I tried to fix it as best as I could, since I loved the picture.
Did I mention Aidan has 2 teeth now. He is now my little 2 tooth, yes tooth, not teeth, boy. Remember, my blog, I can talk how I want to, and I am thinking I am going to start typing all my slang on here too!

We are still continuing to pray for Stellan and his family.


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    Thanks!! :)


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