Thursday, August 13, 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC in pictures

Wishin I was in 1 of these chairs.

Laying on this beach

swimming with this baby

and this handsome pre-teen boy

looking at this sky

and these chubby cheeks

wondering what he is thinking

and loving those eyes

waking this bridge over water and feeling the breeze

and going to bed looking at this.

I would have uploaded more pics, but I have so many I would be here forever. Blogger must have been experiencing problems. The last set did not even upload, and I tried twice.
Bedtime for me here.


  1. Love the SC coast! We live 2 hrs from Myrtle Beach. If you liked that beach, try any of the Charleston SC beaches. Isle of Palm, Sullivan's Island, Folly, or even Edisto Beach SC.

  2. Love Myrtle Beach :0)... We have family vacays at Litchfield Beach outside of Myrtle which is a more private Beach and love love love it... Your baby's pics are so precious...

  3. We went to Myrtle Beach for our honeymoon. Great place to play!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I bet you came right past me on the trip down - I95 just over the NC line - I need a vacation so bad- I haven't had more than 1 day off at a time (and that was to take care of medical appointments all day long) in 3 years since I came back to work from my emergency surgery. I'm exhausted. I'm trying to hold out until H leaves my home and then take a week off, but I'm so broke I won't be able to go anywhere. It will just be nice to turn off the computer, the phone, the world and do nothing.. I hope.. I may make a PA run to vist my granny's grave. I may take a couple of days and just be out at momma's house on the water doing nothing there... usually I don't take time off unless there is something that has to be accomplished. But I know my broken heart will need mending and my worn out soul will need a rest when this is over with H; so, I think I better not plan anything at all. Your pics are gorgeous!


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