Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Affair

Now everyone knows we all look, right, just so long as we don't touch, right? Okay, Okay, this is not about that kind of love affair. It does not involve another human being. Lately I am having a love affair with all-white decorating. I am trying to snatch up ideas galore online and buy cheap things that are white. Did you get that, cheap. Yes, I do like a bargain. My mind and computer work overtime looking for ideas and searching for white junk.

We are still trying to get this house painted. We still have a mess and things sitting everywhere, things to be donated and things to be sold at auction or yard sales or estate sales, living estate sales that is as we are not dead yet. Least I don't think so. Anyhoo, I begged to paint this entire house white when we built it and no can do said the hubby. He wanted color, and color we got. Until lately I was pretty content with this until marks starting showing on the walls from the kids and well, just plain ol' tired of the colors. I figure I will add my color back with accessories. I did agree lately to paint the family room a little neutral, and with the new leather sectional we had, the white stuff just did not go. Needless to say, a man has to have a room for his own, right. Had we had loads of money it would have been 1 awesome media room, theater chairs, surround sound, which he has, but a more expensive combo, and all the bells and whistles for him to watch television. I mean, how much stuff do you need to sit down and watch television. Total waste of time if you ask me. Oh well, off my soap box, and on to my love affair.

I have also developed a love affair for canvas drop clothes. The possibilities are endless. We have made curtains for the family room, bedding, and now I am thinking about tablecloths, shower curtains, pillows and you name, I plan on doing it.

As you can see, most of my love affairs are with decorating things, and I am contemplating starting another blog just on decorating because I love it, and used to spend a lot of time on this stuff but don't seem to have that time right now with the baby, and my job, which by the way, ahem, I am supposed to be doing right now. Let's keep that a secret, won't ya.

As for Darrell, he has found another woman. Yes, another woman I say, and like I said before, not another human being, not someone able to love him back, but yes, the GPS. You heard me, the GPS. He said he loves her, and well actually, I do too. We even named her MAD MYRTLE since Myrtle Beach was our 1st trip using her. I used to think GPS systems were for dummies, and who needed 1, well apparently we do. Guess we are dummies after all, something I had been thinking for a while now, just needed this reassurance. People spend the money on a GPS. Made our life and trip so much easier. Now if only MAD MYRTLE could come clean this house and do this laundry for me!


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