Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ketchup Anyone!

Ketchup anyone. Well not that kind of ketchup, but catch up, or maybe catsup for some of you folks. Not me! I hate catsup, pronounced by me Cat SUP, yes 2 words. I can tell the difference, and as far as I am concerned, if it is not Heinz, I don't like it. And no, Heinz did not pay me to say that. Believe me when I tell you they have no clue who I am. But wait, don't we share the same 1st name.

Anyway, here we go catching up. We are still super busy but this weekend we took Saturday to do some things we like to do.

We went to the flea market, did not buy any fleas but did get some neat old junk to add to all the stuff I already have. Seriously, I think I need to be on that new show, Hourders.

Next, we went here and did some pictures. I love this house, always have, and always will. I wanted to buy it but way to expensive for our blood. This house is absolutely beautiful. I have more pictures of the architectural detail. I was not able to get a good front facing picture as I would have had to crossed the road and stood on the other side, and risked getting caught trespassing again. No thanks!

Gage and Aidan paid some bills. Oh way, they don't work. They just surfed the web, right.

And Aidan ate crackers, lots and lots of them. He loves crackers.

He even resorted to picking the crumbs up out of the swing. This little chunky monkey loves to eat. He is about 22 pounds now, outgrown his infant car seat and moving on up to a convertible seat. He eats about 2 jars of baby food at a time, has 2 teeth, eats about 5 crackers at a time, and loves yogurt bites. Gage loves chicken, Aidan not so much. We tried it the other day. He gagged and refused to take another bite. Little Miss Bailee our little black shih tzu loved it though. Guess cause it reminded her of soft dog food and smelled about the same.
We have still been working on house projects, finished a few with a post on these later. One involves an old door from a house we bought, and the other involves lots and lots of white plates, and an old crib. Been cleaning out some of my junk, getting ready to have a huge antique/living estate sale. Ad has been paid for and should be in the local paper. Can't wait. Still lots of pricing to do.

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