Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reflections of Summer

Wow, school starts here tomorrow. I just cannot believe that summer break is over. Where did the time go? I guess working and taking care of a baby helps pass the time. You know what they say, time flies while having fun. Tomorrow my son will be in the 7th grade, 2 more years until high school and just only about 3 years shy of being able to drive. Scary, huh. I guess we are as ready as can be. New clothes and shoes bought (might I insert here that we bought size 12 shoes this year, 12 in mens mind you). Oh yeah, and a very neatly groomed fresh haircut. Love the fresh haircuts. Makes the head look smaller. I know, I know crazy. The only thing we don't have done is the supply list. We missed open house since I had to work, but the school said he would be fine tomorrow, just bring pencil and paper for the 1st day.

Today I have been reflecting on how blessed we are. I have went over and over in my mind things I wanted to say and I just have a hard time putting them to words. I am thankful for my job, my family, our home, our health, and so much more I cannot even begin to list. Sometimes we have to stop and take a break, look at the big picture. When you look at other people's lives, those who have sick children, those who are going through foreclosures and losing jobs, losing spouses, those who are sick themselves, those who have spouses who are sick or dying, those whose lives are in turmoil, those who struggle with infertility, those who lose babies that never made it to be born or died at birth or before, you realize how truly blessed you are. I cry for so many people when I read their blogs. I question how I got to be so blessed. What did I do to deserve this? Some days I just don't want to read the sad stories, but I do think that we need to, we need to realize what we have, and what could all be gone. The main thing that matters is we have the Lord on our side, we stand steadfast in him and our beliefs and continue to look for God as guidance. I struggle daily as many other people do. Not 1 of us is perfect. Not 1 of us is deserving. Not 1 of us should cast stones. We do not know what the future holds. I pray for safety, strength, guidance, health and financial help daily. Most of all I pray for forgiveness because I am just a sinner saved by grace, looking to the future, pushing my way through this world of sorrow and turmoil and struggling day to day with Satan on my coattails trying to drag me down.


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