Thursday, September 10, 2009

Economy At Hand

Every time you turn on the news there is some company laying people off, downsizing or just simply closing up shop. Times are tough, and the American People are in for a long haul I feel on this. I spoke before about a couple near us losing their home, another popular blog talking about her financial problems, and so many more out there. This morning in particular while I fed Aidan his bottle, the news was talking about Owens Corning, a popular company I know many of you have heard of, had laid off 80 employees in this area. I know 80 does not sound like much, but in such a small, rural area, this can be devastating to many people, not just the workers and their family. This inadvertently affects everyone around. The reason for the lay off, oversea outsourcing to India. What? How can they make the products over there and still be making money sending them back here. Well, let me tell you further. These 80 people were the paperwork people, the pencil pushers, I guess so to speak. I am not meaning that bad, don't get me wrong. What I am furious about is sending these jobs overseas. This is just crazy. The government should completely BAN this. Taking jobs from American People to give to overseas people, just crazy. No wonder business is booming overseas. I have heard the old adage that Americans do not want to work. This is just a stereotype as many are working, well until they lost their jobs to India. I do have a big problem with this people. How can we ever expect to pick up from a bad economy situation if jobs are continued to be outsourced overseas. I don't have an answer as I don't hold a degree in political science, but just plain and simple, keep our jobs in America. If Americans do not know how to do the jobs, offer them the same training as many of these companies are giving to India. Give them a chance. Keep our work here!

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