Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Does Kanye Think He Is?

I try to stay out of this celebrity hoopla cause there certainly is a whole lot of it out there. But, this certainly caught my eye when it was on the news and the Internet. Who does Kanye West think he is? Who is he to take this moment from Taylor Swift? The more I thought about this today the angrier I got. What if the tables had been turned? What if Taylor had done this to Beyonce or Kanye? Would she be racist? That card would probably be played. I am not a racist so don't think that when I post this. The fact of the matter is that Kanye has a tendency to do things like this. He tried to put the blame on many things but fact of the matter is, we all know what he is, and I am not going to say that particular word here. The fact that he did not apologize to her until 2 days after the fact when she revealed on The View that he had not apologized. I mean, I think that is a little late. I do remember seeing pictures of him arriving with his lady friend to the awards and he was toting a bottle of whiskey. How appropriate. Maybe he should blame it on the whiskey and they can do a country song for Taylor with those lyrics. Sounds good to me. But wait, there probably already is a country song with those lyrics. My point is, what kind of example do you set with showing up with a bottle of whiskey in your hand. Kids look up to these people. Not I, since I know better, but kids, yeah they do. Kanye is certainly not a role model. Anyway, Taylor was broken. You could see it in her eyes. I say everyone ban him. We don't particularly like his music, whatever it might be called, hip hop, rap, whatever it is, I am not quite sure, and Beyonce, we don't care for her either. She needs to get a new style. Her songs tend to say the same lines over and over and over again.

On another note, do you think that perhaps if Mr. Kanye had done this to the President of the United States, they would have reprimanded him like they are a certain person who called out Mr. Obama and called him a liar? Just asking? I mean I know Mr. Obama is the President of the United States, and it was probably uncalled for since there are better ways to handle things, but. At least Mr. Obama did have the nerve to call Kanye what I also think he is, and by the way, that got tweeted. Bet that guy lost his job. Do you think?

Well off my soapbox this morning. Seems like celebrities always have an excuse for things they do, blame it on their family, drugs, alcohol, childhood, blame it on their dog, which by the way Jessica Simpson (I do like her, just can't help it), if the coyotes got your dog, give it up. They do eat them especially little tiny ones. They blame it on all the wrong reasons except the real reason, themselves. They are so full of themselves. Next thing you know Kanye will be in rehab to get over this.

Wish I had had this blog when the whole Britney fiasco went down, but hey there is always Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, or Jon and Kate, and the list goes on and on.


This post was not meant to harm in anyway the people talked about here. This is just expressing my opinion of these people, and I do know that not many of you care and just say get over it and move on, and yeah we probably should

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