Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Sale

Okay, okay, I know I said I would post a blog sale, but the weekend has been crazy. Aidan is working on getting his eye teeth in and kind of clingy. He would not even let my mom hold him today. He had a meltdown and we did not make it to church, just not enough time. With these 2 teeth, that will make him 4, 2 on the bottom and then his little vampire teeth. Guess he could be a vampire for Halloween.

I did get a few pics taken of some things but we did decide to take many things to the auction for them to auction off as I just do not have the time for another project right now. Between working, blogging, housework, being a mommy and a wife, I am pulled in every direction right now, so I will again have to postpone this sale.


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