Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My, Are We Ready For This

Look who followed me everywhere this morning. He desperately wanted outside but it was just too cold. I did leave the main door open and the screen door there for him to look out. He would back that walker up, turn red in the face and grunt, lean forward and try his best to get out that door. Oh my, can we handle this.

Look who is coming back from the utility room. I did have to turn him around once he got in there so he could get back out. Actually, he did not want back out.
Look at me go Mom.

I have always wanted to see what was in here so I thought I would follow you.

This morning Aidan has really been moving that walker forward all through the house. He has pulled things off the tables so far, reach for things in the floor. Boy are we going to have to do some baby proofing around here, and fast.


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