Monday, September 28, 2009

Spontaneous Combustion and Migraines

To my wonderful, work-filled weekend, lovely fall weather and all, an all-day-rainy Saturday that soaked the ground and my feet while I trampled through a field filled with primitives and antiques, I added a migraine to the mix. Yes, a true, full-fledged migraine. I hate these things. I can feel them coming on, I just know when I am getting 1 and it makes it all the worse, anticipating its arrival. I do not try to stay away from triggers, but I should. But who can give up chocolate and Diet Pepsi. Not Me. Lucky for me I usually only gets these beasts around that also wonderful time of the month. It is not like I am suffering enough that I have to add 1 of these into the mix. Geesh. Well lucky for me, there is this little drug called Imitrex. I love it. This little pill is a wonder. I don't think I could live without it. It does give you a funny feeling while doing its jobs at opening up those blood vessels in your neck, making your arms and legs heavy and weak, making you think you are going to die. To all this I say, it is worth it to get rid of this beast of a headache.

And did you know, linseed oil is combustible. Well, I kind of figured that, but not as combustible as it is. It will spontaneously combust. Yep, catch fire all by itself, and we found this out the almost hard way. Darrell had been finishing a little table for me for the dining room. This morning he picked up a can of linseed oil at the local hardware for me. Just last night he was telling me about its spontaneous combustibility powers, and I thought, yeah, yeah, went on changing the baby's diaper, drinking my Diet Pepsi and doing algebra with Gage. Fast forward to this morning, he puts a coat on the table and leaves the house. Me in here just working away, he comes back just a few hours later, and I do mean few, and is holding that yellow rag he had with smoke rolling from it. Yep, spontaneous combustion in our garage in just a few hours. He just happened to come through the garage where he left this rag laying on his work bench, beside of hand cleaner, paint, propane torch, all the stuff needed for a good mess. He could not believe it happened this fast but it did. Lucky for us, we found it before we did not have our table or even our house. Word to the wise, linseed oil will spontaneous combust. Don't leave these rags in your house, put them in water, get rid of them.



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the contest. Good luck!

  2. I tried Imitrex for my headaches and I thought it was going to kill me! I had no idea it was common to feel this way! The dr. advised me to quit taking it so I did... Thank God I'm not having them near as frequently!


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