Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little April Rose Fake?????

I think I refreshed my computer screen constantly yesterday looking for updates on this baby. I read the post by D about the hateful emails and I actually felt sorry for them. When other people started questioning this baby and the birth, things did not add up. This morning I tried this site 1st thing when starting my work day, and no blog. I immediately started researching this to see what I could find out, and there were numerous blogs talking about this all being a scam. What, a scam? Someone would do something like this and post such a horrible story.

I have read all the question blogs and fake blogs this morning, and I too am awaiting McKMama to post what she thinks about this.

Many, many of these blogs do make money from ads, especially the ones with big counts. All I know now to do is pray for B and D, and if this truly was a scam, I am sure the authorities will be contacted.

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