Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orange-Flavored Baby Food, What?

Last night late my husband decided we needed some groceries, and we really did. I made a list, wrote down all the necessary things with strict orders to not just buy junk food. I wrote down baby food and told him and wrote down orange-colored foods in the 1st food stages. I told him carrots, sweet potatoes, squash plus get more applesauce. When we came home he had chicken baby food. I immediately let him know Aidan could not eat this yet. He replied with it is 1st foods, I said, "yes, but not just yet." I asked where the other stuff was, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. He said he did not get any, and by the way, he could not find any orange-flavored baby food. I know he must have gotten 1 of my signature looks of "what in the world are you talking about." He said he looked and looked for orange-flavored baby food and could not find any, and thought it might be a little too strong for Aidan to eat right now. He even said the woman at Wal-Mart said there was no such thing as orange-flavored baby food. I immediately reminded him I said orange-colored baby food and told him the different kinds to get.

I can just picture this as an Amelia Bedelia moment. Not sure if you have read any of her stories, but there is 1 in particular where she is babysitting and feeding the baby food. When she makes baby food, she makes baby hamburgers and stuff that is small in size, not something the baby can actually eat. You could get the book

I know this is just another classic example of how different men and women are. This would be like sending me to a hardware store to get a specific nail or tool (well actually I could do that as I have before), but you get the picture. Men and women have a different agenda, and I guess the orange-flavored baby food would have been junk food for Aidan.

Just a thought, maybe I could get Darrell an apron and hat like Amelia Bedelia had. By the way, these are great books. Check them out on, and get some.


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