Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost Forgot

I forgot to mention the Valentine's Cookies. We also got these today at the close-out store. They have shelves and shelves of these cookies with either Christmas, which I felt was probably way out of date, The Simpson's, which I felt were not appropriate, or The Valentine Cookies. You get 24 of these for 1.99, and they are usually at least that for each cookie. We got the entire box for VBS next week. They still feel fresh, and you know how kids are, they usually waste them for the most part. MckMama showed us that when her son's decorated cookies.

Also, I mentioned how hungry Aidan always is. I have started him on baby food, rice cereal with a jar of applesauce in the morning after his 1st bottle, and then in the eveing he usually eats some sort of the 1st vegetables. Now this evening, he was just not that into the sweet potatoes. I wanted to get his picture, but did not have enough hands. I mean he screamed and cried tears until the bottle came his way. He actually spit the sweet potatoes out, and here is the proof. I love this bib from Baby Gap. I hope it comes clean. Did I mention I love the Baby All. I love the smell and it seems to do a good job on all his messes, not to mention not too harsh on his skin. I have switched over to the All Clear dryer sheets also, and love these. They have no perfume smell and I like that. I have even been washing all of our clothes and sheets in Baby All but I think I am also going to switch us over to the All Clear Liquid Detergent.

Now the last thing I wanted to mention was this Little Golden Book. Yes, I know it is another book, but like I said, we love these, especially Little Golden Books. I had these as a child, and had this exact book. My mom still has it. Gage's favorite Little Golden Book was The Poky Little Puppy, and we have that.
I am not sure how many posts I will get next week since VBS starts on Sunday. It is pretty hectic working and going to VBS in the evenings, but I am hoping to blog about all the fun we will be having at VBS. Please pray for us that we might instill something wonderful in these little children's mind. Please pray for a lot of help, nice weather and lots of patience on our part.

P.S. I am not sure what is the deal with my pictures not being straight. Anyone have any suggestions. I tried to rotate.

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