Friday, June 12, 2009

Nice Day to End a Long Work Week, TGIF!!!

This morning we all began our day pretty early. It was a little disappointing to find we were out of milk, bread, pop, cereal and trashbags. Wow, am I the only 1 who remembers the way to the grocery store or the local Wal-Mart. Guess so. I knew we had lots of errands to run and it would be a full day. Did I also mention, I am off work today, YIPPEEE!!!!!

I started at 6 a.m., got the baby fed, changed, fed again, changed, fed again. We are starting to think he needs an IV or something to continuously feed him. Even rice cereal does not last him long, only about an hour, with an entire jar of baby food.

Our 1st stop was a local wholesale place where we picked up a condolesence gift for Pete's wife Nancy. This place is great. I can get great gifts here and never pay what the local florists want for these items.

With this being Friday, we have a store called Grandview Outlet in our area. They are only open on the weekends, and Friday is the big day to go with all the new stuff being put out. Lots of this merchandise is stuff Target and different stores have clearanced and eventually just sold as palletts. Wait until you see all that we got. All of this stuff in the this photo added up to about 62 bucks, and I never photographed the new bras. Everything there has tags on it and you just have to be willing to look for a while and check the merchandise over. Sometimes it is out of season clothing but usually worth the price. All clothing articles are 1.99, yes that is cheap. Some things are a bit more but not much. The strawberries are a neat canvas bag that I plan on using for VBS next week, and I got my mom 1 too.

Our next stop was the local Goodwill store. Personally, I find they are a little expensive for used articles especially since I just got all this new stuff so cheap. I mean, they want 2 bucks for a used shirt. Needless to say we went on in. My son found this video set of Bill Cosby doing Picture Pages. Who remembers these? I sure do. I immediately started singing him the theme song, and got a very weird look from him. As soon as we came home, we popped these VHS tapes in the VCR and commenced in wathing them. Wow, I must have been really bored being an only child and all, at least until I was 15 when my dear sister came along. I must say educational videos have come a long way.

I found Aidan 2 books, 1 was Beatrix Potter, and the other was an older book, loved the green outside color and the pages were very vibrant. Can't wait to read these to him. We have so many books, but we love them.
Next was the local Wal-Mart for all the things we were out of. Pretty boring in there. We then headed home to stop next at a local little store called Black Barn Produce. Gage loves this place. They have all this retro candy, Jones soda, cheap toys, hand-dipped ice cream and so much more to offer. The chocolate-covered cashews were calling my name but I managed to get out without buying any.

We really had a great day, but forgot 1 thing, to order Aidan's pictures at Brenda Sheperheds' Photography. Guess I will do this online after all.

God Bless,

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