Friday, June 19, 2009

What We Did Late Last Night

After all the rushing around this week, even with laundry still to do, bottles to be made, we had to take some time to relax. I have to make an effort to try not to forget I have another child at home and he needs my attention. Babies take up a lot of your time, but I always want Gage to know I love him beyond words and he will always be my baby no matter how big or how old he is. I can still remember the very moment I laid eyes upon him when he was born. He has grown so much and even this last year began to look more mature and older out of his face. I hate that he is losing his baby face look.

After we got home, he wanted to swim as he loves to swim at night. We decided a fire in the fire pit would be great, so we did this, and ate Smores. We love these. We did have to compromise a bit as we had no Hershey bars. I did have an old candy kit from Easter to make chocolate suckers out of so we used the white chocolate in that kit, and they were actually pretty good. Marshmallows, graham crackers and white chocolate. Not sure about you guys, but I always burn my marshmallows. Love them that way. My family thinks I crazy when I do this. By the way, Aidan only ate his hands. He thinks they taste pretty good.

We had a great little family evening to end a busy week. I encourage you all to enjoy time with your family and try to not sweat the small stuff.


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