Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dogs and Storms

What is the deal with dogs and storms? We have a lab who is 12 years old and immediately tries to get in the house or garage when it rains. Not to mention our sweet little Baileey, a shih tzu, who is breaths heavy, paints and has even crapped in the floor when thundering and lightening. I guess it literally scares the crap out of her. I have read and researched this online and still unsure about why they are scared of storms.


  1. I just found your site and have enjoyed reading about you and your fun family (your dogs and storms post cracked me up - out loud -at work - gasp) ... your sweet little guys are so handsome and I love the tattoo your little one recently received ... how cute is that! I will be sure to visit often as I have added to our family with baby girl in December (my other daughter is 7) ... it has made life so fun and fullfilling! Have a blessed day!

    Rebekah and her girls!

  2. I am at work too, but at home as a medical transcriptionist. I can hardly get my day in lately with all my blogging and blog reading.

    Thanks for the comment. I will check out your blog.



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