Thursday, June 4, 2009

Major Hezekiah Rhodes

Don't you just love the name! I also loved the meaning. I came across his little story today on his aunt's blog, whom I am now a follower. Can't wait to see what her baby is going to be. I watched the tribute, read the link on about his tragic accident. My heart was broken, tears filled my eyes and the Lord led me to my knees. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering this family faced upon losing this pressure little boy. I always seem to put myself in their place. This accident was in 2008. He was only 15 months old. This is the story as I copied from

"Many of you have asked exactly what happened so this is the story as it was told to me, bear in mind, this is a story I never wanted to know first hand (or second hand for that matter) but I want to share it with you so that the goodness of God is made evident to all in a time of need..... I'll briefly recap how the incident occurred: Major was in his Sunday School class last Sunday morning (my brother David who is an orthopedic surgeon was serving for his first time in Major's class). It was near the end of the Sunday School hour and parents were arriving at the class window to pick up their little ones. David and the other teachers were busy "delivering" the little ones to their parents. A box of cheerios had just been spilled on the floor, but a decision was made to clean them up after the business of the hour had passed. Of course the "rug rats" were busy picking up the cheerios as a "bonus snack" for the morning and "cleaning the floor". Major was right at David's feet when it was noted he was chocking. As it turned out, he had ingested two wood screws (no one knows how the screws got there or where they came from. Some renovations had been recently done in the church but still yet, everything had been accounted for and the room thoroughly cleaned prior to returning to function as a nursery). The first screw passed into his stomach, but the second one lodged in his throat and no one (my brother, four other doctors present in the services or a nurse) was able to dislodge the screw. CPR was performed until EMSA arrived -- on the way to the hospital, they were able to remove the screw and establish an airway; unfortunately, the lapse of time from the time Major began to choke until they were able to establish the airway (approximately 30 minutes) and get his heart beating again left his brain without oxygen for such an extended period that most neurological functions were severely impaired or not working at all. If surgical instruments had been available, the story would have ended differently, but that was not the case nor in God's plan. As further tests were ordered throughout the next 10 hours the results indicated that all neurological response was gone. There was no function in his brain. Dave and Darcy prayed and received an answer from God. It was Major's time to be at Home with the Lord. The fluids continued to flow through the IV and he remained on a breathing machine. The hospital staff began to work on organizing and getting the transplant team to the hospital to harvest Major's organs so that someone else's life could be saved. Amazing huh? That night, they pulled the crib out of the ICU room and replaced it with a bed. They placed Major on it and Dave and Darcy laid on each side...holding him and singing him sweet songs of God's grace and love. They fell asleep holding their son on his last night on earth. "

Here is the link to his tribute.

Continue to pray for this family. I don't think you can ever completely heal from something like this.

Meanwhile, check out Angie's blog, One of the 1st blogs I came across and began reading. She will inspire you and her story is very heartbreaking yet inspiring.


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