Monday, June 22, 2009

They're Everywhere!!

Literally, they were everywhere we went. No one wants to go on vacation to only have someone constantly hassling you about buying a resort or timeshare. Everywhere we went, there were booths or people constantly asking how long we were going to be in town, what were we doing, would we like 75 dollars. Well yes, who would not like 75 dollars, but not at the cost of going to watch a promo for a certain resort, who shall rename nameless. I am not quite sure about mentioning their name on here and legal issues. This got real annoying, to the point that we were literally just walking out the doors of places and ignoring these people. They just would not shut up.

We finally make it in a place to eat with no hassle. I will mention here it was Cracker Barrel. Our waiter seemed very friendly, well almost to the point of annoying. I literally thought he was going to just sit down and eat our meal with us. We could not even eat without him talking to us. We could not even carry on conversation with our family without him talking to us. He just kept coming back and coming back. Eventually he said he had moved there from South Carolina and started working initially for unnamed resort company. Well, that explains it all. He definitely missed his calling and needs to go back to working for unnamed resort company and leave his job as a waiter. My sister kept looking at him like he was crazy, and yes, I think he might very well be close.

Needless to say, they're everywhere. I felt like I would come home and 1 of these people would great me at my door. This is where i SCREAM!!!!!


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