Monday, June 15, 2009

Twenty-One Gun Salute

I talked about how busy we were this weekend so I thought I would just do a few pics from the weekend. I talked about the funeral of our friend and how he was a Veteran. I did neglect to mention about the 21-gun salute. I do do pictures of this too. Now I am not sure if you have ever seen this, I had never. It has a way of bringing things into perspective. Imagine if you can, many people crowded onto a hillside with a group of men and women with guns standing in a straight line. There is 1 man with a bugle and 1 who does all the commands. These men and women are well choreographed in their maneuvers and in time with each other. Now remember, we are all on a small hillside. I never imagined this would be so loud. As Aidan lay in his daddy's arms sleeping, the 1st shot rang out. Immediately his eyes flew open and he was screaming. Keep in mind this is a 21-gun salute, 7 people fire 3 times, so they were not finished. His daddy rushed as far as away with him as he could as the proceeding shots rang out. After the shots were finished, all you could hear on a quiet, peaceful hillside was my screaming baby and I think another little girl who was crying. I never imagined this would be so loud and scary, but it was. I am going to post the pics that show how evident it was that it was scary. The picture is blurry and that is because it scared me too death.

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