Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camden Park

Today Gage went here with my SIL and her 2 kids. I will just call them M&M's. They are 6 and 8 years old and so love this place. Gage is a little beyond this but he does love going with them, and they always have a good time.

Camden Park is located in Huntington, West Virginia. It is a small amusement park with very small rides but still a pretty good place to take kids. It is basically 1 of the only things we have to do in this area. Many of the rides are old, especially the Big Dipper. This is a wooden roller coaster that is around 50 years old, and is 1 of the oldest in the world. People do travel here to ride this ride. Coaster enthusiasts love it since it is an old, wooden coaster. All I can say is when you are waiting in line and look at this ride, it does not look safe, and you tell yourself, I am sure they check it, RIGHT?

Here is a you tube video of the Big Dipper. I hope it plays.

Not only do they have the Big Dipper, they have a Haunted House. It is not scary to say the least, but I can remember as a child thinking about how scary this was. Here is the video, as you can see, nothing but darkness, not much to see.

The people in these videos are not my family, just random people some guy filmed and put these videos on You Tube.

Now I will not have any pictures of this day since I am here working. I will not have any cotton candy since I am here working. I will not have any corn dogs (and they do have the best), well they are called Pronto Pups, since I am here working. But it is also pouring the rain today so I am thinking they are getting pretty wet right now, but I would still have liked to have been there, making memories with MY BIGGEST LITTLE MAN, but I am here working, well supposed to be but actually working on this post.

Many of you who are now far away can tell friends and family you have rode The Big Dipper and The Haunted House at Camden Park in Huntington, WV.

Gotta run, I hear Aidan on the monitor.


P.S. I craved those Pronto Pups when I was pregnant with Aidan. We would take Gage to Camden Park just so I could eat Pronto Pups.

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