Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parking Greeter

Ever been greeted by a parking greeter who looks like this?

And their clothes look like that,

I am sure many parking greeters have felt like this before, huh?

Didn't think so. This is our scarecrow. I think the hat came from a second hand store, and the shirt, well I think it is 1 of my husband's old work shirts with the name and logo torn off. I don't think the federal government would want that posted on the internet. Oops, did I say my husband worked for the federal government? Let's skip that part.
Remember a while back I posted about the scarecrow. Well, he is actually in front of where my mom's new house will be. I guess we will be losing him or moving him as I am sure they do not want to look out their windows to see him. He is pretty scary when the corn is tall and the wind is rustling the corn. I don't think he has ever actually came off this pole, at least I hope not. I am pretty sure he is fixed pretty tight on there. Now does he do his job? No!! The crows eat our corn as soon as it comes through the ground. I think this is actually the 1st year they have left it alone, and I am not quite sure why. Maybe he does come off the pole. Normally we have tin pans tied on strings and all around the garden to keep the deer and crows away, and still does not work. Yes, we do have a dog, but she just lays on the front porch and watches them. It is just too hot according to her.


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