Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rice, Poop and Marriage

Figured this would catch your attention. It seems to me that every time I feed Aidan his rice cereal in the morning, about half way through this he starts to poop. This baby is real dramatic when he poops and has been since he was born and just a little thing. His face is blood red, straining to the point his lips turn white, really concentrating, fists drawn in front of him. All I can say is somebody give this baby a magazine.

Now I started to offer you a visual of his face this morning covered with rice cereal and him straining, but the batteries in my camera were dead, and I seem to never have it when I need it. I do have a few pictures to share this morning of my 2 sons.
Head on over to www.mycharmingkids.net and read her last post. She talks about struggles during her marriage, and she so puts things into perspective for many of us. We all tend to pick out the negative things about our spouse or family and friends, and dwell on that, and we really should concentrate on their good qualities. I too know this all too well. We as women think men can read our minds. My husband tells me all the time, you have to tell me to please pick up the laundry. He says he just never really even thinks about it. I have been trying to not focus on all the negative stuff too becuase I know there are many times when I am not the perfect wife, but when you do take divorce out of the equation and know that is not an option, you have to try to make things work. I love my husband, and with Father's Day coming up (hope you guys had not forgotten about your fathers), the boys and I are planning a celebration for him.


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