Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The Mansion itself with a hearse in front of it.

Why can they never take a good picture without being crazy faced and all?

Not sure why I am smiling, I think just glad to be out!

I always like to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and actually wish we had stayed there instead of Pigeon Forge, that is until we get there with the bumper to bumper traffic and all the people. I think it must have been 105 degrees there on Saturday. There are no shades and all the cars make it feel so much hotter than it probably actually is. Many of the shops have their doors open to attract customers so we would dart in and out to try to stay cool and keep Aidan cool. At 1 point his little cheeks were so red we knew we had to get out of this place. The only thing we could think was to feed him some ice cream to cool him off, and that we did. I know, I know, ice cream to a 17-week old baby, well it was just a little and I chose the raspberry sorbet for him. He loved it! Imagine that, a baby liking ice cream. He kept it down and really gave him no problems.

We had so much planned to do in Gatlinburg but I think since we all just about stroked out, we forgot about all of our plans. We did manage to go to Mysterious Mansion, and it was pretty fun, well scary to say the least. The lady at the desk told us they had this haunted house up to #5 in the United States for scaring people. I know I am 35 years old and know all this was wake, but there is something about being in a house you know nothing about with complete strangers jumping out to scar you in complete and utter darkness. I am not very up with that. I think I screamed the entire way through this place. It was completely dark, had no clue which way to go and they made me got 1st with Gage crammed completely into me and my sister taking up the back. I think at 1 point we were all hugged around each other. Gage kept walking on my shoes and I knew any minute I was going to leave this place barefoot. At 1 point I did contemplate taking the emergency exit because I was so done with this place. Needless to say after all the screaming I did, my throat was pretty sore and my heart was racing. And no, we did not take Aidan inside for this. Darrell stayed outside with him and they took a breather by the stream that runs in front of this house.

I have been to the Ripley's Haunted House before, and this place is so much better. So the next time you are in Gatlinburg, tour the Mysterious Mansion. I am sure you will like it.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today and it sparked an interest with me because we are going to Gatlinburg at the end of July. I was just curious what all you did while you are there. I've only been there once and it was only for over night. Thanks for any ideas you could give me!


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