Thursday, June 25, 2009

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The footer for the house is dug.

Before the footer.

Her house will also contain 1 of these, as we love porches around here in the country.
Wow, Wordless Wednesday was hard for me as I always have so much too say. I logged in several times to do another post but tried to remain at my word. Aidan and I both have little colds so that is annoying both of us right now and I did think about posting late last night but I was so ready for bed with my head all congested and with little sleep from the night before.
Did we hold an actual groundbreaking ceremony, well no, but we should have. My mom and I and Aidan worked so hard yesterday helping with this. If you notice the 2 chairs in the picture, well those are ours. And Gage, well he swam the entire time to stay cool. The only thing we basically did was make sure the guys stayed hydrated and I cooked supper for them. In the next few days we hope to have a tent for the yard to keep the bugs off of us and to give us some shade.
Yesterday we started the groundbreaking on my mom's house on our farm. This will be a smaller house for her and my dad with less to take care of, plus they will next to us and this will make babysitting a breeze for me and her. She is very excited and we cannot wait to pick out all the new stuff for the house. I am going to post all the different stages of this house, and we are sure hoping it does not take too long. You see, she has a girl already trying to buy her house, and if the bank comes through, voila, they are outer there and going to have to move in with me. For months I have been telling her to try to be getting rid of things she really doesn't need, and she has.

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