Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New to blogging

As I have often read many other blogs for hours, I have thought I should do this. Something to clear and free my mind. My story is nothing compelling or even that interesting. I am the mother to 2 wonderful boys, age 12 and 14 weeks, and a wife to a loving husband. I guess this big age gap is my story, of how God has a plan for us no matter what. He has a destiny for us from the beginning, he knows our name and our children's names. I do feel that God has blessed me beyond compare. My life has been wonderful in all aspects. I often wonder when I read many of these other blogs and tears stream my face, what did I do to deserve such grace. I will explore my thoughts, as I often do in my own head, and my questions to God about my life. I am searching to draw closer to God. I keep being lead to blogging in hopes to express my love for Jesus and his power and glory in my life. I am by no means perfect and I sin daily BUT I NEVER plan on looking back and always going forward. It is not what you did yesterday but what you are doing today. I know this seems like a random post, but remember I am new at putting my thoughts to words in blogging.

In this blog I will explore the joys of mothering 2 boys in such a different age group, loving a husband who is a workaholic, working fulltime while still trying to maintain my sanity and halfway keep a clean house (something many of you know is a hard chore with 3 babies). Yes, I said 3 and I am including my husband in this picture. Come follow me on our journey!

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