Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I know, I know, it is supposed to be summerbreeze makes me feel fine, but just had to change it a bit. You see, this is my blog and I can do that, write whatever I want.

The weather has been hot here and Gage has been living in the pool most days. Little Aidan just watches him and my niece and nephew and gets excited. He is still way to young at 15 weeks to let him take a dip. We did put his feet in the water and he just puckered up and cried. I can only imagine next year when they are swimming and Aidan will be standing at the back patio door probably screaming he wants to go outside. There goes having a clean door right. What am I saying, the clean door went out with the dogs and the cats and all the other kids. I am sure I will be loving his little lip marks and sticky hands all over the door.

As far as being outside much, which I usually am, I mostly stay indoors now with the baby with the exception of an occasional stroll around the farm or swinging the baby in the porch swing. We live on a farm and it is so quiet and peaceful. We have no neighbors, and that is the way we like it. Well, Gage hates that since there is no one for him to talk to and play with. I do feel pretty bad about this. If only my children could have been closer in age. Who knows, maybe we can have another baby next year! Wait, I think I hear my husband running for the hills now with this comment.

The Lord wakes us up each and every day, he breathes life into us, he gives us these days and we should be thankful. When you look around at God's Coloring Book you see all the colors and the beauty he created.

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