Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Door Turned Headboard

What is going to happen? I made the bed on Monday morning. Well, the reason be, to show you my headboard. This has been done for quite some time but I kept waiting to post pictures after I got the entire bedroom done. You know, curtains hung, not just bought and laying in the floor, and do I have a great idea for curtains. Hopefully post that tomorrow. Well still not finished with working and taking care of my babies and housework. So here is the headboard. This is an old salvaged door from an old house we remodeled. I had tons of these doors but Darrell got in a throwing away mood 1 day, and well, needless to say, the doors went. I hate when he does this. Some of this stuff is good junk. And now he has a project in his head and no doors. It involved using these as the bottom walls for a little greenhouse. I told him he should keep them. Anyway this door already had this patina to the door. The other side is crackled paint but unfortunately the previous owners had used a lot of enamel paint on the door, and well, enameled paint just don't crackle so good. What we did here was take a soft brush and just brush off any loose or excess paint or dirt, wipe it down real good and then use a clear finish over the door, not polyurethane as it tends to yellow over time. Find something water based and I always choose a not so shiny finish but at least something easy to wash off like maybe a satin. We cleared this to keep the color and finish there. Next was the hanging, this door turned headboard MUST, I REPEAT MUST GO INTO THE STUDS in the wall. We used a stud finder for this. Basically we measured the center between the windows, found the center of the door, held it above the bed where I wanted it to go (this did take 3 people as these are quite heavy, 2 people to hold the door and 1 to do the drill) and then with some long screws we screwed the door into the studs around where the raised panel trim is so the screws are hidden that way, and Voila, a new headboard. I have also seen these hung up straight just like if it was an actual door, screwed into the wall and used for twin size headboards. And if you don't have an old door, go buy a new wood door and finish yourself. You could paint solid, distress with stain, use some of the neat crackles finished paints, the possibilities are endless.


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