Thursday, October 15, 2009

Infant Loss and Remembrance Day Oct 15-I am thankful

I think for many of us who have never experienced the loss of a child, we just seem to forget about this day, and to be honest, I knew it existed but never knew the exact day. Well, today is the day, October 15. For those of us who have never experienced such a pain, it might be hard for us to imagine what they are going through. We cry for them, we pray for them and we support them, but then we go on our way, back to our home, back to our family and back to our baby, leaving them alone and arms empty. We need to take the time to be more supporting of these families and never let them leave our thoughts.

I have never lost a child, and I pray that I never do. Both of my children are healthy, and I pray they stay healthy. But this is real and it happens every day. The statistics are unreal when you look them up. This is something that can happen to any of us.

Today hug your children harder and tighter, love them all you can, soak up their energy, kiss their little heads and pray for those who have experienced such a loss. Today, be thankful.

I am thankful,

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