Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man


Today is the day my 1st born son becomes a teenager, a moment forever changed in his life. I have thought about this day for a while now. Will it be any different to be the parent of a teenager? I hope not. Parenting this child has been wonderful. He is an awesome child. He is a great big brother. He is a great student. He is a wonderful helper. How did I get so lucky?

I remember vividly when 1st thinking I was pregnant with him, how much we wanted a baby. I remember when they told me he was a boy. We knew immediately his name would be Gage. I remember loving being pregnant with him, not having a care in the world and eating myself into an oblivion. I remember laboring forever with him and then ultimately having a c-section to bring him into this world. I remember being scared too death not knowing. I remember when he was actually born, not crying, just looking around at us. I remember thinking to myself my son looked like E.T. with his neck all stretched out and skin wrinkly the way the doctor was holding him. I remember holding him for the 1st time, feeling his skin, looking at all his toes and fingers and just in awe of him. I remember falling deeply in love with this child from the beginning. I remember the nightly feedings, wondering if I was going to survive and this was harder than I had expected. I can remember his little face when he turned 1, how cute and adorable he was. I remember Christmases with him saying "look daddy."

All these memories bring me to tears this morning as I type this. My little man is growing up. I look at pictures from last year and his face has matured, he has grown taller, much taller. This all makes me want to freeze time and keep him with me. I know he will move forward in life, go to college, probably get married and start his own family, but this little man will always be my baby, and I will forever cherish these memories.

Happy 13th Birthday Gage.

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