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This is all part of Kelly's Show us Your Life post. These are from last year. We never got much fall decorations up this year with the baby and trying to get the house painted still. Are we ever going to get caught up? I don't think so. I did do a few things this year outside but not much, and the mums look pretty bad now, but at least this year we had bigger mums. I love fall decorating and usually we go all out for this, and actually the year before even had more decorations for fall and Halloween, but unfortunately got no pictures of that. She this is all I have.

By the way, today Aidan is 8 months old, growing like a weed. This morning while his bath water was running he was standing next to the tub and raising his little leg to climb in. He loves to bath. We had to give up the kitchen sink a bit ago since he was soaking everything. He still is not crawling forward, just a few little crawls, but goes backward pretty good, but mostly loves to walk around or pull up and stand. He does pull himself across the floor, so maybe that will be all he does. He still has 4 teeth and working on about 3 right now. He loves to eat. Last night in particular a guy in KFC could not believe I was giving him biscuit bites. He said he was not going to give his daughter anything that she could possibly get chocked on ever, and of course we all laughed. I think he thought I was crazy when I mentioned how many crackers Aidan eats. People, they do dissolve, but I too remember thinking the same thing when they asked me if I gave Gage crackers. I was thinking he would choke too death. Nope, he did not. Aidan is mostly wearing 9 to 12 months but lots of things are 18 months and especially nothing with feet in it. He is just too long. And boy can he move that walker. Those little feet with his little cankles (fat ankles for anybody who does not know), can move him like you have never seen. My toes stay sore most of the time. Aidan is still loving to play peek-a-boo.

It is raining here today and supposed to all weekend. Yuck on that, I have a big bonfire planned for Gage's Birthday Party tomorrow evening, so back to work for me so I can finish up.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog Teresa! You have two very cute boys! Wow! A 13 year old and an 8 month old!! There must be a story in there somewhere!! They are darling and you are blessed! i love your house and interior decorations. I often wished I could have sold real estate because I love looking at houses and guessing what they are worth and thinking of how I would redo them!!


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