Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Jammies



Lately we have been stuck in the house with rain and cold weather and even a chance of snow. The leaves are turning their awesome colors and the wind is picking up. We have no local pumpkin patch here so after I picked these up at Wal-Mart, a big 1 for Gage and a little tiny 1 for Aidan, I thought I would just snap a few shots in the house just for the sake of it. Aidan was freshly scrubbed, hair in a faux hawk, which is what we have been doing lately to it and having a great laugh at his expense, and wearing his new Baby Gap glow-in-the dark Halloween jammies.
Aren't they just the cutest. He likes to roll his little pumpkin and stand by Gage's pumpkin. Standing is something he is doing a lot lately, and boy can he make that walker go. His little feet carry him as fast as they can, and he can turn it on a dime and back it up, and even looks behind to back it up. Still now crawling yet but Gage did not crawl until around 10 months. He is definitely a mover. He throws everything in the floor to get you to pick it up or let him down in the floor. Aidan is loving him some table food right now, bean, bread, toast, backed potato, cooked potato, sweet potato, you get the drift, basically any kind of carb he can find. He is a kid after my own heart with all the carbs. Hopefully we will have some nice weather in the next few days so I can get some good fall pictures. Gage will be 13 years old on October 22 and Aidan will be 8 months on October 23. I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for pictures of them together. This is hard to do as Gage does not want his picture taken and Aidan just wants me to give him the camera. And last but not least, Aidan is becoming quite the mocker. He mocks you if you cough, laugh, squint your eyes and several other things. I tried desperately to get a video of this but my battery was dead so maybe next time.

TGIF and hope everyone has a great weekend.


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