Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween with Crawling with a Birthday Shoutout!

Officially on Wednesday evening Aidan began crawling, just like that. He just decided once and for all I am going to go wherever I want if you won't take me. I have video but no time to post much. He is sleeping and I am trying to catch up on housework. Is that possible? I don't think so. It is raining here today and the leaves are falling. We did trick-or-treat on Thursday night and going to again in the city tonight if the rain stops but not looking promising. Aidan has also been for about 2 weeks going from a crawling position or on his belly to sitting, just like that too. And the diaper changes, manic I tell you. He has a full-blown fit when trying to get a diaper changed. He twists, turns, rolls and crawls away exposing his little bottom and front to the whole world. That is a boy for you though. Many diapers these days are crooked, sagged, have the thong thing going on with 1 side up his butt crack. Hopefully they will still catch everything.

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Halloween to you guys.

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  1. Hey Teresa! Glad you liked my post, featured over at Monica's blog, Pixel Perfect.

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