Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cheap Cotton Sheets and Old Chippy Windows

I have a thing for old windows. Darrell says I cannot have anymore, but these, well I gave 2 bucks a piece for these, and ctually had more and gave a few to my aunt and sold a few for around 10 dollars, not bad, hey. Anyway, thse my friend are going to become th edoor to my hutch in my dining room. I have big plans for this, and will post a picture of the big reveal, as soon as someone builds this for me. Now that, that could be a while. Don't mind the other junk on the table, just some recent auction finds, more junk for me.

We have lived in this house now about 4 years with no curtains. We are way out from the main road so really did not need them for privacy, but we have wanted them for a more aesthetic look. I really have not been bale to fine what I wanted. I wanted cheap, simple and something that screamed old farmhouse. Well what about cotton sheets. I just bought cheap cotton sheets at Wal-Mart, washed them cause I wanted them to have that cottony look and not a fresh pressed look, bought curtain clips and a rod I liked and there if you have it. I do like curtains to pool on the floor but my little doggie girl Bailee seems to like to pee in the dining room right where the curtain would be. Ugh, gotta love her. What I did to the top was just flip the top of the sheet down where the banding is and clipped there. This allows you to adjust for your length or however long you want them. This was cheap and easy, and no sewing. Can't beat that. I do plan on using these pretty much everywhere in our house. I like things to match that way.
Anyway, as you can see the dining room is a work in progress. It is painted and waiting for the furniture to get placed if I can ever find the time to paint my dining room table and get busy accessorizing. I chose cottage linen as the paint color of choice and will probably follow this through the entire downstairs, but not sure yet.
By the way, don't forget the giveaway below.

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